Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hopping from Puddle to Puddle

Taking a little break from Marx I decided to do some generalized talking about stuff.

1) I downloaded and played Spore. That game really is a pile of ass. As a toy it gains top marks. It is fun to screw with creature bits, desighn buildings, mess with junk...but the actual game itself is not fun. Well okay the cell phase is a great deal of fun. When something 80 billion times your size comes chasing after you it is increadble fun to turn, fight, and win. I did win too. My first battle was epic as I circled the giant monstrosity for mintus dodging nimbly between the spikes that covered its body, nibbling away at its health until it died. Then... I got absolutly no reward. Self satisfaction was almost enough though.

Then in the next phase we had tribes and such and we wandered around gathering food and kill those who fools who happened to be next to us. Now see this is where I thought it would get exciting. See if I kill 5 of thier dudes they go extinct and I naturally thought the same rules would apply to me. They didn't. Everyone left me alone and I was free to rip the heads off of whoever I wanted to with impunity. THe rest of the game left me feeling similarly blah.

I think it is because I've been spoiled. Some of my favorite games are X-Com UFO Defesne, Dwarf Fortress, Alpha Centuri, and I really want to take a couple of days off from work to learn to play Europa Universals III, or maybe the rome version I can't tell. Either way I am excited about those games. The point being is that when I sit down to the computer to play a game I have this weird expectation that things are going to be complex and exciting and when they aren't I am annoyed. The thing is that Spore could of been everthing I asked of it. 90% of the games development is graphics, so they could of spent a couple of extra months or even a year putting an actual game behind their little toy but they didn't. That is sad.

2) Bye bye hours. So my hours have been cut for no real reason other than to piss me off. I feel like I should be pissed off because they are my hours and I should both fight and die for them, and yet I just don't feel like it. I am enjoying the extra time I now have on a weekly basis and I have to say that I am much less tired and in a much better mood over all. It also makes my weeks fly by faster. So I am generally happy with this new situation.

I do make signifigantly less money now though. SAD! SO I have to seriously cut down on my cash expendatures, which is something I wanted to do anyway. It will be easyer now though because I work less. Yeah I know for most people the opposite is true, but I tend to justify most expendatures with the justification that I work a lot and I need these things to enjoy...gah lunch is over

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