Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shotgun under chin and GO!

It isn't that I have nothing to say. Because I do. I have lots of things I want to say. I read an article about Goldman Sachs caused a million people to starve when the comodified grain. I've been reading more of "The Origins of Totalitarianism" which is currently tracking the rise of the anti semetic movement. Right now I could use what I've read to win an argument. The argument is about African American studies and Woman's studies. There is a series of arguments that the two should combine but they both fight against it. I now have enough ammunition to win this argument. I wouldn't just use Totalitarianism, but I would also make use of an article in last month's Foreign Affairs about how china is working twords building a few world class universities and the difficulties involved in doing that. I've been wanting to write about Breaking Bad mostly to point out how dense and themeatically complicated the show is, and how amazing that it is both able to be very superficially entertaining on top of providing a dense multilayered series of thematic motifs. What's more season three actually ramps up these motifs instead of getting lazier. An example of a show that got lazier would be 6 feet under. By the end of the 4th season you get the feeling that no one knows anymore why the hands are always illuminated and they just do it because they have always done it.

I should be writting two to three diffrent letters, working on my M&M campain, or even just talking happily about Malifaux. But nope. As I was eating my meatball sub I could feel my brain grind to a halt. I didn't want to write about any of these things. In fact it didn't want to write at all. I am not sure what it wanted. Definitely not this. But I am doing it anyway. Ordinarily tonight would be a night where I go writing, but there is a special dungeon fighter event going on tonight and I want to get my two multies special titles. That will involve griiiiiiiiiiiinding but that is okay. Oddly enough grinding in that game doesn't feel like grinding it feels like you are playing a game you are actually enjoying. WWell it does to me at any rate. It is hard to not enjoy playing a priest. Last night we had three exorcists in one party and let me tell you there was so much shit going on at any given time that more than once I had to just use my ranged attack to see where the yellow numbers were popping up before hitting that area with an AOE. It was INSANE and way to much fun. We also managed to kill things so quickly that we pretty much took no damage what so ever which is retarded.

Actually I had a bunch of good moments like that last night. Like in another dungeon there is this boss, and he is an asshole. Essentially you start to wreck his face and then he goes invincible and summons a bunch of minions. These minions have 8 billion health and the main boss heals while the minions are about. So you have to kill the minions fast enough so the main boss will rejoin the fight. What happened instead is that me and a blade master managed to juggle that boss for so long that he never actually touched the ground. Because he never touched the ground he never went invincible which means he never summoned a pile of bullshit, and no one took any damage. We did that twice. Both times it was awesome. I really really like that game. I didn't mean to spend as long as I did playing it yesterday but I enjoyed myself nearly the whole time which is a big step up from WOW which I enjoyed once. Sometimes I miss city of heroes, but honestly the action is to slow paced for me to really enjoy it.

Oh so there is this comic book. Graphic novel really, and it is called Botomless Bellybutton. I've seen in on the shelfs at B&N for years now and I never really picked it up even though I wanted to. Yesterday I did, I didn't buy it because I can get it for MUCH cheaper off of amazon. But there is something about family dramas which draw me in and won't let me escape I don't know what it is. When I say much cheaper though I mean it, like I can get it for 20 with free shipping, as opposed to 40 and paying taxes. Its funny I don't know how amazon manages to do things like that but buying big comic books like marvel omnibuses, or the bone one volume edition just isn't worth getting in a normal store. It is back to that old thing. I viciously want to support tbs but good god 50 bucks will just bring me so much farther on amazon. Oh well. I should get around to making that order. I really wanna read the new volume of scalped. In fact the only reason why I haven't ordered it yet is because Shauna said she ordered it. Also I am really bad at spending money. Granted my checking account has enough money in it now that I really want to start some sort of savings account, BUT there are times I should buy things. Like the first volume of akira and some other things.

Lunch is over and I haven't really said anything important so here is me signing off.

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