Monday, July 26, 2010

Not what I am supposed to be doing

Yeah I am totally supposed to be planning Wensday's game session, or writting up gm notes from last weeks game session but, oddly enough I don't feel like it right now. I prolly will in a bit but it has been SO long since I have updated my blog last and I have quite a bit to say. So here we go for a bit. Once I settle my brain down hopefully I will be able to get somewhere in mutants and masterminds.

1) I have been playing Dwarf Fortress a lot lately. That game has gotten noticeably harder. Mostly it is because I get multiple imagrant waves before I get my first caravan. Now I am okay on food for the most part but I just crashed a fortress into the ground because I ran out of booze and I didn't notice that the stupid river froze. Stupid asshole riverm those almost never froze in a temperate environment. I am pretty happy about it though. I like the fact that this new version is providing new challanges that I need to overcome. Like I need to learn how to use a screw pump and all sorts of other things. I am not sure how to make a milirary work as a military full time. But I do love just about all of the new changes and now that I KNOW to bring all the stuff to make a well with me, and that I need to start brewing before year one things will work out much better. What I am thinking is that I will grow plum helmets one season and sweet pods another. The plump helmets will be for eating and the sweet pods for drinking. Hopefully between this will make sure that I have enough food and drink to make it though the winter.

2) I've been playing Malifaux a bunch recently and I want to play it a lot more. What I really want to start doing though is building terrian. In order to do that I am going to need space, in order to make space I am going to need storage. In order to get storage I am going to have to hit up target. This is something I will prolly look into tomorrow. At the minimum I need a folding table and several bins for things. I think I am going to start using that room which I don't open the door to, I'll begin putting all my cloths and stuff in there. That was I can make a nice work area in the kitchen for building things.

3) Man Blackest Night is an amazing series. A lot of people panned it pretty hard and I understand that. But it hits all the right buttons for me. It isn't amazing the same way Final Crisis is amazing I mean lets get that clear but it served as such a wonder space epic. I think it was a mistake to drag the rest of the DC universe into it. I can see how that could be annoying but oh well. I mean the main story is contained in three trades, then there is two volumes of side stories, and two more volumes I don't even know. THe main story, that is pretty impressive though. The whole thing was a great deal of fun and I am happy it happened to me.

4) Alright well it is starting to get late and I am running low on superficial thoughts so think I am going to switch blogs, get M&M notes written up then hopefully get some ideas as to what I want to do on wensday. Zoom!

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