Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poor Scott Pilgrim

Yeah so I read the first book for the second time. I did this because of 100 Bullets. I read the first volume of 100 Bullets many moons ago and I didn't like it. I'm not a fan of urban settings. I find it to be both petty and boring. There might be twinges of racism locked up in there too but that is a personal demon that I have to fight. I don't think it is racism per say, I think it is more that I have had black issues rammed down my throat far to long and I just don't see most of them. This might also be because I am a bit of a bastard. It is a tricky web of shit that basically just boils down to I don't really give a fuck and I should.

So I didn't like the first volume of 100 Bullets but it stuck with me. It stuck with me in a way that I couldn't place. I would come back to it in my head and turn it over and over again trying to figgure it out. I liked the dirty cops and the extra stuff that wasn't the main story, and slowly, ever so slowly I started to warm up to the first volume. So I grabbed volume 9 flipped through it and found the passive agressive pussy scene. 9 volumes at roughly 15 dollars apiece meant a lot of money would have to hit the table in order for me to get from point A to the passive aggressive pussy scene. Was it worth it? Have you seen the passive aggressive pussy scene? So on a whim I read book three which was another urban story and it was AMAZING. It isn't my favorite 100 bullets volume but it is most certainly up there. Then I reread the first volume loved it and a few weeks later I was reading the passive agressive pussy scene in all of its in context glory. That's a lot of glory right there.

In that grand tradition I've decided that it is high time that I reread the first volume of Scott Pilgrim. The result? Yeah pretty much the same, did not like. It's funny because I read the first volume a little over a year before it hit everyone's radar. Time magazine recommended it to me in the same article that recommended me the Kindly Ones. The Kindly Ones was in the process of becoming one of my all time favorite books and I was more than a little offended that Time was telling me about something I should of known all about. So I headed over to Barns and Noble and gave it a read. Results? The whole thing just left a sour taste in my mouth that refused to go way no matter how much I wanted to like it. It had anime style action, decent art, video game references, weird stuff I mean what more could I ask for? Yet nothing for it worked for me. I didn't like the main charecter.

I read DMZ. I like DMZ even though I stopped buying it awhile ago because of money issues but I fully intend on picking it up again. I never liked the main charecter of that book and most recently I actively hate him. No seriously, I want him to die. There is nothing he could ever do to redeem himslef up to and including suicide. THere is absolutely nothing he could ever do to make up for the crime he commited and I am a pretty open guy morally speaking. Nope. Fuck him I want him to die. But I still like DMZ.

Scott is different though. I know people like Scott, people who have never really worked at anything, tried for anything, people who just use everyone else around them up until they get what they want. Scott doesn't work, he has a room mate who basically flat out supports him, he flits about without any cares and that's cool. I like Ferris Buler's Day Off I really do. It is just that unlike Ferris Scott comes off as a grade A triple distilled wanker. I can't get past that. I'm told he gets his life together but who cares? Well everyone who likes the series presumably.

It is one of those books like Sandman. It is something I should like, something that is regularly recommended to me but it isn't something I do like. As an experiment I grazed the second book and it just failed at grabbing me in any sort of way. So we are done Scott Pilgrim I am breaking up with you for cooler hipper books like...The Goon I am dumping you for The Goon. Don't worry I am sure one of two of your other fans will make you feel less desolate and alone. Granted all you will have is just cheap thrills instead of the awesome times you would of had with me but whatever, you shouldn't of been such a cock.

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