Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Teh Green Lantern

So I started this post awhile ago, and it didn't work out well because I was in the throws of a fever and in general things were pretty aweful.

So lets try this again shall we?

Green Lantern- Sinestro Corps War, Rage of the Red, Emerald Eclipse, Agent Orange- Essenitally, I bought the entire run up to Blackest Night. All I am missing is the sins of the Star Saphires but I am okay with that. I missed some important stuff and I'll get it eventually but nothing that is overly critical. First and foremost Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are incredibly intertwined to the point where it would be impossible to read just one book at a time. More over it means that once it is collected into trades you have no choice but to submit to a non linear reading experience. Now me? I love non liniear reading expereinces and once I gave up putting things in order and learned to love the bomb things became much better for me. Still it wouldn't kill them to take a page or two from marvel's play book.

Marvel space is one of the biggest suprise hits to come out of Marvel in the past few years. Out of nowhere a couple of people totally rebooted Marvel's space program, reintroduced all the major players who underwent massive changes and then they charged fowards with a decidedly average event that lots of people seemed to like. Then Annihilation Conquest came out that cemented the new formula. There is the main evnt book, and two satellite books, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now the two Satilite books are nessisary for understanding the main event they both just sort of happen off to the sideand you need them to fill in some minor gaps but it isn't SUPER necessary to read all three books. It would really help if DC adopted something like this both for the Sinestro Corps war which is a mess even in its collected format, and the lead in to Blackest night.

In fact it seems like DC got all its events backwards. Countdown to Final Crisis was an unmitigated disaster. Morrison didn't want any lead in what so ever to FC he just wanted it to happen. Darkseid caught the universe with its pants down and he nearly ended everything ever. It was awesome, but it shouldn't of had a countdown leading up to it. Whereas Blackest Night very speficially had a countdown over the course of both the green lantern books and yet... yet they didn't make any real attempt to organize it in any real way which confuses me. Now Blackest Night? Blackest Night is an event that involves the entire DC line of comics. Nothing was left untouched what so ever, and I have no idea how they managed to coordinate it or if they even bothered to. The three main books that cover the evens all came out at the same time and I'll own them in a couple of weeks but I have no idea how to read them. Ultimatly I will get a non linear experience either way but I know there is an intended order. It is just that isn't the way they are collected. Oh well.

Is it good though? Oh my yes. My my yes. I was never really very interested in the Green Lanterns. Spaaaaaaaaaaaace cops just never really got me all that excited, also that horrible fucking rhyme they say every time they charge their rings makes me want to go find the nearest poet and punch them in the face. HATRED. Yet the Sinestro corps war got such good press that I became curious. Also some of my favorite moments during the Final Crisis involved the Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan so that is how I became stuck in. It is good stuff. The strange thing though is that it isn't just Geoff that is knocking it out of the park,

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