Monday, August 16, 2010

Malifaux! A little of this and a little of that

Well I am in the mood to write about Malifaux because I wanna. Also because it is nice. I really really like that game far more than I should. I kinda want to try playing a brawl where I get to use two masters. I can imagine a Seamus/McMourning team up and it would be just hilarious. There would be prostitutes and dogs EVERYWHERE. Literally there would be nowhere to turn without being in the charge range of some annoying thing. Actually, that isn't how it would work out at all but I like to pretend.

So my order with Wyrd hasn't shipped yet :( I don't think it will until at least the 20th which is fine by me. By then I will have put moar money in the bank and everything will be fine. I really want the new book, moreso than I want Colette. In fact I am thinking of canceling my order and remaking it so I just get the book. The reason being that as much as I want Colette I've always wanted Lillith.

Lillith is a beast. At 8 defense and 7 attack dealing with her is just a whole mess of problems on a pretty wide scale. Then you factor in the fact that she does 3/4/6 damage with a built in plus flip and you get the feeling you might be in love. Oh and she is fast meaning she gets a delicious 3 actions for her to spend in any way she chooses. She is also freaking Lillith and how could you not want her? Oh yeah her crew. Statistically her crew is amazing. Absolutly no complaints there. I mean Seamus and McMourning can kill just about every figgure in the game and their crews excist to keep the heat off of them until they get around to laying down some murder sauce. Lillith can kill Seamus and McMourning along with any other figure in the game and so can 2/3rds of her crew. It is just that...well they are boring. Essentially her crew just consistis of winged demons. Really winged demons? In a game where I can have a giant teddy bear of death, coffin surfing cowboys, undead hookers, mechanical spiders, the ronin, evil children, the winged demons just seem so boring. They seem especially boring even if the big ones have a special move called rip in half.

However, in the new book Lillith is getting a nice sweet shot in the arm in the form of Nephellim twins who seem to have complimentary abilities and...well you know personality. Now that is exciting. Combine them with some dogs that can attack anywhere through a forest and well one or two winged deamons who may be boring but effective and we have a recipie for JOY and this is something I am excited about.

So I think that is something that is going to be pretty close to happening.

It will happen after Collett though because I am very much interested in getting a ticky to play, complicated master who can do all sorts of stupid bullshit. After all Seamus is pretty straight foward to play and the Victorias actually have quite a few tricks of their sleaves but having an insane bullshit master will be fun.

And with that I need to go and do stuff and things.

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