Sunday, August 1, 2010


So I wanted to start a malifaux play journal type thing. Mostly because I want to but also because it will help log ideas, mistakes I've made, and stuff like that. It is strange most times when I play a game I know exactly what it is I am going to be doing and I make it happen...or loose. As a result my turns go by fairly quickly. However, there are moments in Malifaux where I will sit there with the full realization that I have no freaking idea what it is I am going to do next. Sometimes, that is unusually awesome. So last game happened it was Seamus (me) vs Sonnia Crid.

We both got Assasinate, we both chose to body gaurd our Masters, and we both choose to have hold out. Briefly the way the game went was first turn I spent moving guys fowards and getting them into possition under cover. The next turn I spent moving some figgures up as a distraction and killing Sam Hopkins who I view as a greater threat than Sonnia Crid. Crid moved fowards and turned one of my rotten bells into another witchling stalker. At the end of the turn I based Crid with my Punk Zombie.

Third turn Punk Zombie activated flurry after he tried to cheap past my initiative flip and failed. I Flurry Sonnia which leaves her with one HP and two soulstones. Then the witchling stalker kills the punk zombie who turns around and kills sonnia crid. On a side note it would of been much funnier to kill the Witchling stalker and have Crid taken out by the explosion but the stalker has to much HP. Sybell and a Belle managed to kill the new stalker and some other inconsequential stuff happened.

Turn four my oppoent took out the executioner to play. I used Seamus to rip that fat basterd apart with a sort of frenzied brutality that I have come to expect out of my favorite mad hatter, and then at that point we decided to call it. I had 4 vp and he could only get a max of two so off Sonnia went crying wee wee wee all the way home.

Once again I was supprised by how manuverable Seamus's crew really is. Having the belles move up to 12" in an amazing boost, as well as their 13 inch lure range. The combination of the two means that I can sack a belle and potentially drag a figure out of hiding and into the waiting arms of either a punk zombie or Seamus. I went without a Convict gunner this game and I think that was for the best. Sure sure the gunner is undeniably good, and sacrificing a Belle to move a figgure or two into the LOS of the gunner would be great for making rapid fire happen, but at the end of the day the raw killing power of that third punk zombie really made up for it. Since I had such a figgure advantage and since Belles can come back I could afford to play a more risky game. It worked out pretty well this time but I am unsure of how it will work again. I am pretty sure that my oppoenent is now suitably terrified of Punk Zombies, especially after one ganked his master. So we will see.

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