Monday, August 9, 2010

Pirannas are a Tricky Species

And if they are hard you wouldn't be able to imagine how hard it is to balance time sometimes. I have several time consuming hobbies all wanting my atension and a job that sucks up far more time than it should both on and off the clock. The on the clock I can sort of deal with but I haven't been very thrilled with the way I have been spending my time off the clock as of late. For example I just dicked around for an hour. I checked face book, kicked twitter around, read a thread on that I don't care about, started into space...and you know just crap. Now granted I was trying to work up the urge to work on Mutants and Masterminds and I am nursing a tiny bullshit cold but neither of these things are excuses. I should of moved onto reading something I am not going to buy, or just gone home or something like that. Not just wasting time. In all seriousness this is something that has been happening more and more as of late where I will sit down with the intension of doing something and I just end up doing nothing instead, and I mean literally nothing. It isn't something I am used to and I don't really like it. Still recognition is the first step twords reversal. I think a big thing that is causing the dead time is that I am undergoing a shift in how I spend my time. I am still doing Mutants and Masterminds and people seem to be enjoying themselves with that. I have backed off Dwarf Fortress ever so slightly and I am now more focused on Touhou. I have gone from Dungeon Fighters to Kingdom of Loathing, and I have been reading less non fiction and more fiction. Once things settle down a bit I should become a little better at keeping my time well managed and getting from one activity to the next more fluidly.

I really want to start painting my malifaux minatures but the problem I am having is that paint is expensive and it always comes in larger quantities than I need. Much larger quantities. Seamus and the VIctorias require radically different paint schemes, and I really want to dress Seamus in a glittery black coat because that idea just makes me happy all over. I also want to start building terrain but the first step to that is to get tools and tools are spensive and blah blah blah. I mean I could of bought lots of tools and materials but I instead am going to buy a collette box set because...well you know she is made of awesome. Also handily enough Collette's pointing needs coincide with Seamus' painting needs so I am hoping that buying paints won't seem so absollutly hateful when I need it for more than 8 figgures. I suppose I could go to tbs and scum off of someone else's paint but that isn't how I roll, never have. This is partly because I am an idiot.

I am really excited about making terrain though. The first piece I want to get together is a hanging tree...for reasons that have nothing to do with Jack Daw. I also just sort of want to get things together in general. Building terriain is actually a lot of fun and not something I ever got to do enough of. I wish I still had my Dremmel power tool. That thing was down right handy. I wonder how much they cost...HEY not that much! I need to clean my house a little bit before I go buying Balsa wood and tools to make it all work out. Being able to play with forest terrain, and some of the other feature is going to be a lot of fun. When I build it though it needs to be sturdy otherwise it is never going to survive transportation. Speaking of transportation I need to start looking into a better way of lugging my figgures around.

Figgure transportation is EXPENSIVE jesus fuck. I saw this one really snazzy bag for 80 bucks. 80 bucks for a bag I haven't even spent that much on the damn game yet....wait no...okay not much more than 80 bucks. Yes yes I am sure the custom cut foam trays are very nice, and the logo on the bag, and the deck holders are neat. Still though that is a lot of monies. There are smaller options but then I run the risk of not being able to carry everything. Part of the joy of Malifaux is that I can have a variety in who I play. Oh well what the hell. For now keeping them in the boxes they came in seems to be good enough. Still it is going to be a problem sooner than later, especially when I branch off to the Jack Daw fear bomb technique. The fear bomb is one of those things that either works fabulously well or totally not. It is something I wanna try out though, as I think it will really put Seamus front and center on the battle field instead of off to the side where he is being all scary. He is capable of ripping apart an entire crew all on his own. The trick is getting him to do that and not killed by a counter attack. Right now I've been using punk zombies and rotten belles to that effect but seeing everyone run in fear would work too.

If I do that I might want to consider the totem. Being able to cast two faces of death would be hilarious. Anyway Books a Million is closing soonish so I should leave. I think I am going to make a solid comitment to getting some M&M shite done. And with that I am off.

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