Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bright Days are Doin Stuff

I was looking back at my blog wondering if I brought up a couple of subjects recently but nope it has been mostly Comics and Malifaux. Interestingly I wrote a little while ago that I was struggling to find the time to paint my minatures and then all the sudden I got a whole bunch of them painted up. I am still struggling with flesh tones, and undead flesh tones. Still! I have made a great deal of progress on painting up my stuff which is exciting. Of course because of that god damned sale I have two more boxed sets coming my way and an unpainted collet which sits around and MOCKS me! But I am okay with some of these things.

Alright I want to lay off...and by lay off make it look like it isn't the only thing I am writting about by writting more, but I still have some things to say about good old Malifaux. First and foremost I got to play Colette! I didn't win. That is okay though that first game session was more about me taking her out for a spin and seeing what she can do. The result? Well I made a whole fist full of mistakes, oh so many, and my opponent did some pretty smart things as a result we ended the game at or around turn 5 with both of our crews more or less dead. He used Ramos, and Ramos is now scary. He was always sort of lackluster but his new Totem gives him a free book. This means now only needs an 8 to sumnon a spider and a 7 for an electrical creation. In retrospect I should of killed that fucking totem. In future games it goes to the top of my hit list because thanks to that totem by turn 2 Ramos had 2 spider swarms to go along with Joss and Johan. The next thing he did was he kept his figgures well covered. Essentially I couldn't base Ramos without taking a hit from either Joss, Johan, or a Spider Swarm. Now the girls may be able to move around but far to often I am going to need leave someone hanging for at least one enemy activation before I can switch them out for something safer. Also, Spider Swarms have a pretty devistating threat range. Still being able to make 2 attacks from 9 inches away sucks, and all the rough terrain in the world isn't going to stop them. Under estimating those spiders was how I lost my first preformer. I lost the second one by underestimating Johan who when standing next to Joss becomes one of the best figgures in the whole fucking game. I have 7CB oh and look Brutal triggered cause I am a cock teehee. RAWR, never loaning that figgure out again. Yeah that was the worst part it was my Joss that was used to terrorize me.

Now onto mistakes I made. One Coryphees or however the hell you spell it, are amazing. They really really are. However, the first thing I did was Duet them up and let them rip. This is a mistake 4 general ap actions that can be split against two different targets at 6cb is better than 3 general ap actions at one target. Oops. The main reason to duet them up are those free healing flips, and when you absolutely postivily need to hit someone in the face. That is when you go for it. Otheerwise it is better to let them be in two places at once causing havok wherever they go. It is I promise.

Next I under estimated how awesome Manniquins are. They are awesome. At armor three, object 2 they don't go down easy. Even to the kids who ignore armor. They also count as showgirls. This is something that I just didn't freaking realize. So I can teleport them into trouble then just activate the preformer who will trigger the link and zoom them out of trouble. That is just freaking glorious. It does however, bring me to my next point.

At the MINIMUM I need two mechanical doves fluttering around. Many of Collet's more potentially devistating combos work with the aid of mechanical doves. I haven't quite gotten all the logistics down just yet as she can be a logistical nightmare. She is someone you really need to plan ahead with. Essentially she has all the same problems as the Victorias only times 5. A few more games under my belt and I'll be good to go.

To go back to my previous point. The challange to all of this is to get Beautiful Cloths off. Man if I could of gotten that spell off once or twice I could of done some beautiful things. The biggest obsticle to overcome is the fact that the manniquns are slow. They are also tuffer than they look but they are by no means invincible. Oh well something to contemplate.

The nice thing about her is that she has Cassandera. Now if there was ever a figure made of both win and awesome it is her. She is a god damned tank and she is more than capable of zooming about the table top doing whatever it is that needs to be done.

Now the main reason why I lost the game is that I played it more like I had the slaughter objective instead of the "Dick with 4 pieces of terrain" objective. Like I said I wanted to see what they could do, and that meant more than just zooming all over the table. I now know they can do that. Now that I got her basics down it is time to really see what she is capable of. Like I said by the end of the game I had taken down two spider swarms, Joss and maybe Johan. So if I actually had Slaughter I was more than halfway there. I am really excited to play more of her, this time more as a trying to win senario and less of a testing of strength. And I am hungry so this shit is done. I might write more later though just because I can.

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