Monday, October 11, 2010

Around the Bend

Hrm I'm not going to have a lot of time for this but I was reading something fun so I don't care. So I finally think I've come around the bend. Essentailly what this means is that I have been doing a lot of extra work recently...lots and lots. It isn't going to end any time soon, we are talking a month minimum and it is going to be longer than that. I know. It isn't so much that I am doing to much work or anything like that, I am just doing more of it. As a result I needed to get to a point where I am used to doing this new amount of work and I am pretty much there right now. Which is nice. Tonight it pretty much the ultimate stress test. If I can get out at 8:30/9 and not be compleatly dead tired I will have made it.

This is many good things. I doesn't mean a return to Mutants and Masterminds unfortunatly. Of course I was going to take a break for National Novel Writting Month anyway so I guess this is just how that is going to work. I am hoping that after NANO the whole work thing will be better under control and I will be able to resume gming *crosses fingers*...or maybe not. See last year NANO taught me something. It taught me that I can set a goal and a schedule, I can adhere to both of these things without encouragement or understanding from my friends, and I can succeed. This isn't a knock against my friends in any way it is just that most people didn't understand what I was doing and why just that I was. I wonder how many people read it?

Oh well this year I am realizing the cold hard fact that I just need to plain old write more, and that instead of just doing it when I feel like it I need to set a production schedual and stick to it. See I came up with the novel idea and that is what I wanted to do. But then I realized I could also get a jump on a serialized fiction thing, I could write all the fluff for NA25, and I came up with another novel idea. The thing is that NANO doesn't need to be once a year and once I pop out the other side of this thing I am going to seriously consider start throwing writting months on maybe a bi monthly basis or something like that.

In other news I got to sit down last night and play the new DS Final Fantasy game, and by god I like it, I really like it. I've been wanting to play a consol rpg for awhile now and as much as I love SMT, and Etrian Oddesy I HATE first person rpgs. I always have and I always will. It is just a perspective thing I guess, or something like that. I just find overhead maps more pleasent to navigate though I will argue that Etrian Oddesy just wouldn't be the same game if it wasn't first person, though over the shoulder 3rd person wouldn't kill them either. This game though? It is nice. Really nice. The graphics are postivily beautiful. I hated the graphical style they used for the 4 remake, and I am not a fan of the crystal chronical graphics, but this seems to get it all just right. The game play style is pleasently old school both in terms of difficulty and presentation and I think they stuck the right mix between three's class change system and five's. All in all I really like it, I got my ass kicked a couple of times, and two party memeber just ran off with all the best weapons and armor but that's okay. I'll get over it.

Lastly I've gotten a fuckton of On the Edge cards and I want a fuckton more. God damn do I love that game, but that is a post for another day.

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