Saturday, October 30, 2010


This title has not very much to do with my intended post. To bad, years of tears. So I had a topic in mind, it is a good topic too. I was going to write about BDSM and the generalized lack of elegance associated with the subculture. I realized today that the only real elegant examples I can think of in media is BDSM Madonna, Secretary, and The Night Porter. Of course the Night Porter is a little bit to intense for most people. I was going to meditate on the idea of a scene or session and then talk a little bit about the inherent problems of using restraints.

So I am going to write about something else. So the new Malifaux mintures came out and I finally got to see the hooded rider. The hooded rider is the first time I've ever seen a figure so bad that I do not want it. I mean he has Conan muscles. Aweful :(.

Moving on NANO starts in a couple of days. I am going to do it just like I did it last year, daily blog updates so that I can track my progress and have my novel be acessable to me anywhere the internet is. That will also make it easier for anyone who feels like reading it to actually do so. This means I have to remeber to link up the other blog to my face book. Hopefully I will do that tonight. By the way if you do choose to read it, it isn't going to be very good. It is going to be unedited prose and considering at the pace which I have to write and my fuzzyness as to what will happen at any given time throughout the novel it is going to be bad. Still that is the point. like the idea of it. In fact I love it. For one month you plege to put aside the time, and write so much a day, and you don't care about what you are writting you just fucking do it. That last part is the most important thing to me. So many people get so tied up in the quality of the final product that they forget to feel the pure unadulterated exhilaration that is creation. Creativity is a gift like no other and I see NANO as the ultimate expression of it. Oh well and now I go back to work.

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