Saturday, November 19, 2011

It is Lunch Time

You know the biggest problem I have with National Novel Writting month is that it tends to blot out all other projects in favor for one large one. Should I finish I am sure I will feel both accomplished and proud. Then I will move on like a titian to the next thing. One of those things will be a comparative essay to 120 Day of Sodom and A Serbian Film. Why? Well because these two things seem to excist so that they can stand up and proudly say we have nothing to add to society and the accumulation of human knowlage. There are certain books and movies that I believe that everyone should read because if they take the time with them they will become a better person. Some examples are Heart of Darkness, Great Gatsby, The Kindly Ones, The Instructions, Skippy Dies, Nightwood!, Catch 22, Republic Book Ten, The Poetics, some Shakespere, and a few others. I got a wide variety of books from a wide variety of eras in that list. I'm not saying you got to read all of these books, or if you do read any of these books you will become better. However, there are some books that have more to teach us than others and part of the process is taking the time to learn from them.

You won't be a better person from either having seen A Serbian Film or reading 120 Days of Sodom. You don't get a prize for doing it. I know I've checked. In fact some will argue that you might be a worse person for having seen and enjoyed these respective works of art. That is debatable but I gotta say they do have a pretty good point. So here I am. And I want to make this work in my head. I am aware that using Salo would be a more appropriate but I like using 120 days more. For one more children are involved and two De Sade wanted to be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten from the face of history so every time I write about him I piss him off and I like that.

The point I want to make is that in 120 day of Sodom the four people were the Judge, The Priest, and two other people who I can't remeber at the moment. I'd look it up but I am at work and while I can look up porn on tumbler I can't wiki 120 day of sodom. Work is stupid.

Anyway when Grant Morrison reimagined 120 Days in The Invisables they added the general as one of the great criminals. However I believe that there is another implied character in all of this. And that is the artist with no restraints. And that is where A Serbian Film steps in.

In a bit for now I need to go back to work.

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