Sunday, November 13, 2011

Projects and the future!

So I am nearing the middle of my national novel writing month novel. It is going pretty well though I have realized that having a decently large cast of characters means you can stall FOREVER when you want to. Unfortunatly, I think it is causing my already sprawling writing style to become even more expansive which is something I am not sure how much I like. It works for what I am writing now and I think I'll pluck out some fiction a couple of weeks afterwards just to see where I stand.

Every year I've participated in NaNo I've always thought that it will change things when I am done. The first year I finnished it didn't but I also thought it would be a good idea to take a month off. By the time that was over it was all over and I couldn't get my steam back together then I ended up in a relationship which is its own bag of potatoes. Then last year said relationship terminated in november and I was TO SAD to really go on.

Right now it looks like things are going to rumble onto their designated conclusion and I'll be wrapping it up on either the 24th or 25th. I mean short of some past girl thundering back into my life I think I am pretty relationship proof at the moment and with the other excpetion of horrifying medical debilitation, are the only two things that can really stop me at this moment. And that's great. So what's next?

This is important to me. Last year I dabbled with a weekly list of chores. I called it the 11, which ended up being a little much in terms of number of items but I usually got pleanty done on it. I like doing that and I think I am going to start it again once the NANO is done. I mean if I were to do it now it would be write, write, write, write, et cetera. Anyway I want to start getting a little more done time wise and having a sort of difinitive near goal is one of those things that helps me out.

The next thing I want to do is to write out some game sessions. No seroiusly. I want to have a small library of Paranoia, Eclipse Phase, SLA, Mutants and Masterminds senarios that I can go to, pull out, and use more or less on a moments notice. I want them to be both nice looking layoutwise and organized. You know I'd like them to be a real thing so that if I were to sell them people wouldn't feel ripped off. Not that I want to sell them mind you but I think they would be nice to have. D&D/Pathfinder has moduals and I don't see why the games I play shouldn't. So I'll make them myself. No biggie.

At the same time I want to do a different version of the week in review. Before when I did something like it, it was called the month in review and I would look at my 11 and I would see what I did what I didn't do and where I was going. I might still do this but we'll see. It is hard to be "on" all the time. This time I want to do either weekly or by weekly a media consumption post, similar to "Stuff I've Been Reading" which is an article found in the Believer. I think it would be interesting to track what it is I read, or watch on a week to week basis just to see what it is I do. I might just have lists weekly and then monthly I'd write about it or something like that. I don't know. Once I get my game session library set up, which will be awhile, I think I'll move onto something else.

More and more I am realizing that I don't want to do a serialized fiction thing with my novel. I am afraid it will tie me down to much. But I also want to keep my options open so I'll wait until Januaryish to make a final decisiton.


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