Sunday, November 6, 2011

A post about nothing

There are a couple of topics I want to write about. One is A Serbian Film which brings new meaning to the words grotesque. I also want to write about the Neonomicon Alan Moore's new offeering. While I enjoyed it on a superficial level on an intelectual one we don't jive to well and I'd like to explain myself. I also want to write about Ready Player One and talk about some of the changes that have taken place in the geek world and how strange and different things are now. However it is 3:20 which means I only have 40 minutes and I don't really want to go all stopy starty on my novel. So I am going to bloggity blog for a few minutes rummageing around in my mind and kicking up some dust.

The novel itself is going pretty well. I wouldn't say it is good, and it is definetly a little bit darker than I intended it but I am okay with that. I think letting the darkness leak around the edges gives it a little more oomph and it certainly has provided an interesting avenue to explore. It also gives the charecter's a little bit more crunch to them.

I am still on the fence as of if I wanna do the serialized fiction thing. The whole point of me choosing this subject matter is to get ahead, WAY ahead I am talking 30 weeks ahead that is over half a year. Then all I would need to do is to set aside some time to do some editing before posting on sunday. After awhile I could do editing then like every other week I could write a new chapter and I would stay ahead of the curve for a very very long time. I could keep posting long after I've lost interest in the subject matter and still have stuff to post. I could make a conclusion to it almost at will and I could even take breaks from it and then catch up again by writing two new episodes a week or something like that. I could do this. The problem is that my free time is tight. Very tight in fact. I have all sorts of time consuming things I wish to do and not a lot of time to do it in. I am not sure if tethering myself to a weekly serialized fiction project is the best of ideas. Still it will be a long while before I am able to run Eclipse Phase, or any other game and finding a play group is going to be difficult so I guess I might as well. Who knows perhaps it will help focus my time usage a little better which is something I could use a little help with.

I also want to do a weekly media round up thing. I know I do it every once in awhile at random but I want to make it a thing. So I could have the weekly roundup posted on Saturday and the new episode on sunday. Both would be posted here in the main blog but other would be archived elsewhere. On that note I am considering moving to a different blog provider. I don't have a problem with blogger. Quite the opposite in fact I think it is pretty great. It is just that I got a lot of eggs in my basket as far as google is concerned and I am not sure if I should keep my blog here as well. Like...I am more or less worried about nothing that is the long and short of it all at the same time. I just thought that the migration would be nice. Also for whatever fucking reason facebook won't let me link multiple blogs from blogger which is god damned annoying. I don't know I'll decide later. What this means is that it prolly won't happen at all.

On another front we are gonna play Twilight Imperium on Thursday! YAY! It is looking to be an 8 player game though I am betting one or two people will drop out before wensday evening. Call it a hunch. I need to go to kinkos sometime soon and make some printouts, they will have things like turn order, expanded ship stats, heroes, that sort of thing. I couldn't find any one printout that had all the information I wanted. So some of them will have redundant information. I think it will be good it will make some information twice as easy to find.

Okay lunch is over now so that is that.

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