Friday, April 20, 2012

Apparently my Notebooks Are All Full

I have two 70page spiral bound notebooks with me and both are full of stuff.  It is always gratifying when I fill a notebook but it is annoying because what I am about to do works better for me when I do it on pen and paper.  Oh well.
Super Game Brain Dump.

Step one come up with a better name.  That's a big one.

The point of this post is to come up with some design goals and ideas of how to implement them.

1) Keep the base rules simple.  That is keep the terrain rules easy to understand, make shooting resolution easily done in one to two dice rolls, avoid using a chart, all the basic rules should fit on a double sided 8.5 by 11 piece of paper.

2) Troops should be useful.  I hate games where toopseses because obsolete almost immediatly.  Make it so that when a hero has a choice between going after some grunts or a super heavy tank it is a difficult choice.

3) Keep the base units simple and defined:
3 Troop Types
Stealth Operaters
Cape Killers

2 Tanks
Superheavy Tanks

2 Fast Support
1 Transport
1 Attack Craft

2 Artillery
One poking

4) Make it so that the game can be played without the supers though might might be a little bit generic/bland

5) Do we want the game to be ASL style scenario based where we can test and balance certain senarios or DIY malifaux style senarios.  I am thinking a synthasis of both.  I'll mediate more on this in a bit.

6) Decide on Map size early!  This will be important for defining movement rates and ultimately how quickly the game will play along with senario types and sizes.

7) Decide on Superhero effect.  I want these guys to have a big, defining effect on the battle field but how big is to big?  Once we have the games skeletol frame work down then will will be able to get to work on that.

8) Counter size?  I am thinking popsicle stick maybe balsa wood.

9)  Keep the setting loose and generic for now.  We can ramp the game up once it gets going similar to ASL/Battletech.  Keep the basic game with lots of senarios, then add onto the basic game.

10) Remember that this is only the start.  Keep it simple, easy to tinker with, and then you will have unlimited expandability.

So back to 5.  I am starting to think more and more that a series of predefined senarios is going to be the best rout.  This gives me as the designer so much control over things like game balance and hero balance that I can define all the troops for both sides to letting the players fiddle around with ideas for what they want or don't want.

It also lets me control the heroes, the effects they can have on the battlefield and the sort of balance involved.  Once I am more comfortable with the senario design we can move on a bit.  One important thing with senario design in a game like this is VARIETY.  We have so many options.  So lets take a look at the basic skeletol frame work.

-Capture the flag
-Take and Hold Objective
-Destroy Stratigic Object
-Transport Object
-Eliminate All Enemy Forces
-Hold Out (my favorite)

 We can also have sub objectives.  One thing I really want to do is to have cross objectives.  This happens a lot in Malifaux and I love it.  So one side is just trying to Transport and Object from one area to another.  The other side is trying to Take and Hold an Objective.  They still have to stop the transport or they risk loosing.  Similarly if they do stop the transport but don't hold the objective they might not win.  The idea is that there is ALOT to do in every senario and the heroes can help with that but as mighty as they are they can't be everywhere at the same time.  THAT'S the most important thing.

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