Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And now Maybe Something Different

I  bought a table!  I am actually considering buying another one because having a table and a couple of chairs means gaming ANYWHERE!  Of course this is silly and unessiary but I like to consider all possible avenues.  I don't spend long considering the obviously bad ones but you know what I mean. 

In other news I settled on a card based mechanic for the hero game.  I love the cards in Sekigahara and I love them in Malifaux.  Mostly though the thing that pushed me over the line is the fact that with dice hero on hero combat is going to be boring.  Heroes can blow up building, throw tanks around, summon the undead, dig mile long trenches, dig mile deep trenches, transport troops, and all these other wonderful things.  But when one punches another it is going to be some roll of a dice and consulting the chart.  There is no drama in that.  With cards we have a much greater option for how this is going to work.

The computer hacking game wasn't a joke.  I wanna do that.  It made realize something though.  The Hero game which needs a name is actually pretty easy to design.  I mean there isn't a lot of leg work to it.  Even if it was a skirmish based stradegy game you basically set up some parameters then fill them in.  Then you run a play test find what works, what doesn't.  Fix what doesn't and then test again until you get everything working.  It is a little hard but it isn't like there is a some MASSIVE set of problems that needs to be solved.  While the computer hacking game... that's different entirely.  Lets pretend for a moment that it is going to be a competative deck building game with two different decks, like the original netrunner.  Even that would nessesitate coming up with draft rules, mechanics, resource gathering and manipulation.  The whole nine yards.  Doing a deck building game+ worker placement game?  Well that is just plain old challenging.  Not insurmountable though.  I might wanna play more Lords of Waterdeep and Tribune though.  I have a very good sense of how different card games both collectable and draftable work but less so of worker placement games.  I've played all three of the games listed but never quite from a "well how does this game work?" standpoint.  Maybe some more worker placement games would be nice but I don't wanna own any more...well okay I do want Lords of Waterdeep that game is fantastic.  Puerto Rico is also an interesting canidate for how I want the corporate side to work. 

Much like I did for the hero game I need to write up a design document and start fiddling things out.  That's the other thing is that this game is going to require that I make a large number of end user components whereas the hero game doesn't.  That's interesting. 

Part of me is worried about how to publish this but I guess I should actually make and playtest and have everything good to go first.  Everything else can follow later assuming I get that far.  I think I will though.  I have a good feeling about this project.  It feels right in all the correct ways and so it might end up being permanently in play test with only my friends playing it.  Well, who cares!  This is being made because ASL is being a jerk.  So I am okay with this.

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