Monday, April 23, 2012

Design Notes 2

Conflict Resolution in an Age of Conflict:

I am thinking of using a ratio system similar to ASL's close combat resolution.   This would still use a chart, but it would keep the chart small and it would be easy to eyeball.  Moreover when simulating defensive powers it could be a simple matter of making the people's always roll on one ratio set.

The problem with this?  I have no idea how to design/balance this.  Of course I have no real idea of how to balance a chart either so either way I am kinda stuck here.  AJ would be the best person to help with this also I am sure I can rustle up some web sources.

It really is the only thing I can think of.  I wish people would upload issues of Stradegy and Tactics to the internet so I could have a broader base of information to work with.  A base to-hit number is out because it is incompatable with super heroes.  SO I need to get a better handle on how to calculate and use ratios.  Once I do that I should be able to move on with coming up with stats.

The ASL ratio table goes from <1-8 to >10-1...

Oh hey I think the best way to do the randomizer factor is to use cards A LA Sekigahara.  However, making cards is annoying and I don't think it will work for this game so I will use dice instead.  ALTHOUGH cards produce an interesting set of options.  Let's kick that idea around for a bit.

Okay first and foremost lets base it off of the standard 52 card deck just for ease and simplicity.  We could do this Malifaux style where each unit has a certain set of stats like attack and defense.  The cards would also be used for moral resolution, initative, and every other damn thing.  Best of all we can control card draw based on the objectives held and used.  This frees the players ever so slightly from the yoke of straight up randomization.  The biggest downside is that it would be yet another component when we could just as easily use dice.  If I did use cards I would have to find a way to make it quick.  I mean it is a hex based game where a hero can swoop in and decimate whatever he wants.  So I don't need that intricate of a mechanic.  Still the cards in Sekgahara are engaging and interesting.

It is an interesting problem but it does combo well with the heroes.  The heroes abilities can be used to mess with the card values or the number of cards flipped or both.whereas the dice a little bit more static but potentially faster.  There is also the question of what to do with the face cards.

I need to seriously think on this some more.  I also think that before I can come to a proper decision I am going to have to sit down and define what I want each unit to be able to do and then figure out which tool would be the best way to implement this.  Cards are indeed quick and visual and that is a good thing.

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