Sunday, May 6, 2012

Design Doc! Corporation Game

Why red versus blue and not black versus white?  Or yellow versus vesus blue it is such a simple thing.  Those were the pokemon colors for two different generations.  It is a good combo.  It should of been black versus white though, though maybe to many people would try to be on team black.  People are boring.

Now that I insulted everyone OTHER game time!  At the very least I wanna record my thoughts on the game before they fade away from me cause that would be sad panda time.

Okay so essentially this game is going to excist to replace Netrunner for me.  Netrunner is hard but the cards are increadibly hard to find and all my runner resource cards got damaged which sucks.  So it is time to break out into something new.

The best way I can see to massively take advantage of the board gaming format and the theme is to break it up.  The runner side uses cards and a series of deck drafting rules to build an engine that is capable of taking on the corp.

The corp uses a set of worker placement rules to run the corporation and fend off the runner.

As such not a whole lot is going to change for the runner.  The runner always traditionally had massive control over their deck.  With a 10 card limit, several different common cards that let you search your deck or trash, LOTS of card control.  It was just up to you to put the cards in you needed to make a deck that wins.  The runner had three/four basic stradegies:

Straight: Icebreaker suit, monies, direct damage essentially
Virus: pop in on the corps weak point and make them waste actions
Stealth: These let you get in for free allowing you to spend your resources on nasty surprises

Runner decks were always very static and runner cards  were mostly useless except for the things you always used.  So what needs to be done is to give the runner more power over what can go into the deck and when he gets it in order to hopefully allow for more flexibility.  Flexibility is FUN and don't you forget it.

I reffer to it as deck drafting rather than deck building because I am pretty sure that it isn't going to be a dominion/resident evil/tanto curo/et cetera stack of ten cards which you dig through and grab what you want.  Instead...what I am leaning towards is two buying options.  One which takes longer but what you get is garenteed and the other which is shorter but you end up choosing from a semi fixed number of drawn cards.  Or:

White Market: Long but steady
Black Market: Quick and dirty

I am pretty sure I want a fix income source and not a card in the deck that represents income because really?  That's annoying and it clunks up the game. shit, differnet cards for the different decks.

There might also be a prepwork deck that will be full of handy one time use cards that you earn through doing stuff maybe...I dunno.

There is also going to be a GOAL deck for the runner.  They are going to have a series of semi secret goals to choose from which will allow them to persue their own agendas.  One of the problems with netrunner is that the game was slightly balanced towards the corporation because the corpoeation didn't need the runner to win.  100% of the corporation's problems were caused by the runner.  The runner couldn't score points without the corporation's help.  It was a tuff life.  With the runner goals it encourages a different sort of play and encourages the runner to take various risks.  The goal deck is a really big deal and there will be stuff to do for that.

Lots of elements.

I'd enumerate the corp side but lunch is ending.  I'll get it tomarrow.  This game is going to be on the back burner for a bit because I am really exited about the hero game.  But my idea for this is super solid so I definitly want to at least get some goals and ideas written down so I don't forget.

Okay I have some time before I leave for work so CORP SIDE!

 There was a lot of really cool bluffing and secret elements to playing the corp in netrunner that needs to stay.

Meeples will be in the form of system operators.

There is going to end up being more access points for the runner in this game than netrunner.  That is slightly on purpose. 

Ic needs to be more dynamic.  As such, Ic is either going to be movable in game, non random/semi random, or both.  I am also going to add IC synergies.  That was the thing with netrunner most of the ic in the game was utterly ineffective and massively overpriced.  Take the lich 14 monies for 3 1 brain damage routines and one end the run routine.  Most runners can get through that at 8 that number goes down with a shield and clows get through it for free most times.  Whereas a Banapie which costs 1/4 as much costs 6 to get through and that number can't be reduced.

 The point is that ic prices are all sorts of jacked up in netrunner 90% of it is crap and it is all generally ineffective as acting as a deterrent.  I've found that nodes are 100% more effective at keeping runners actually out of a data fort than ic is.  The corp can also have a near perfect defense in netrunner with Viral Breeding ground, Vacuum link, cheap crap ice, and rio's city grid.  Getting through means death and each piece of ice gives you a 1/6 chance of your connection dropping and if you do make it through well...certain death!  HOORAY! 

No no no there will be more of making IC actually effective.  I mentioned synergies before.  I am going to have families of ice that do things and if the families come one after the other they become stronger.  Neat! and simple.  Though I really wanted to use blocks for ice and not cards.  I am pretty sure that would be impossible.  I'll think on it today at work...speaking of which.

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