Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April In Review part 1ish

So March happened to me and it was pretty good.  I liked that month however at the tail end I was feeling a little down and at around the second week in April I had myself a shiny care of full blown depression.  I realized this when I had an abusurd reaction to the ending of the second season of Farscape when a certain character died...even though I KNEW she didn't stay dead forever.  I was pretty annoyed.  On the other hand it felt like a blessing.  I'm not seeing anyone nor am I emotionally attached to anyone.  It was still a good span of time away from my birthday, and there was litterally NO outside sources to make me feel the way I felt.  I was sad because of the temporary death of Arron Sune and that was it.  So I rode it out let it happen and I popped out of it in a little bit and it was like nothing happened.  Afterwards normal services resumed.  A lot of times with depression there are these doubts, "what if I really am this upset?", "What if I never feel better?", "What if there is nothing wrong with me and it is all in my head?" they go on but you get the idea.  Even in the movie Melancholia which gives a pretty good look at what it is like you had to admit that girl had a shitty time at her wedding.  This time though there was no catylist no direct reason.  No girl to make me sad, no family drama, no stresses, nothing.  Yet it still happened.  It is nice to know that it is there and it isn't my fault. 

So what else happened in April?  Well I in one glorious weekend I saw Cabin in the Woods and The Raid.  I know three diffrent groups of people who saw those movies in that order on that weekend.  Life is weird like that.  Unlike everyone else though I saw Lockout.  Lockout was actually suprisingly amazing.  It has two rather unfortunate sequences in it which really should just be removed.  Other than that the movie is surprisingly superb.  When cory and I were discussing it a couple of days later we found that we were fondly recounting just about the whole movie it is fun to quote, talk about, and watch.  Good stuff.

I also saw God Bless America on my birthday.  That was great and I loved it.  Actually my whole birhday was great.  I was planning on doing nothing but my friends got together and in a Herculean act of organization threw me a suprise party at anime club.  I am really glad I went cause I came pretty close to not going due to feeling slightly ill.  The main reason why I went is because I knew we were watching a movie and I wouldn't have to think or teach people things or anything.  No joke, best friends ever.

It was kinda sad because a couple of people got excluded who would of helped but that's what you get for not being in the know.  Oh well.

I bought Cassoconne and man do I like that game.  I've been playing it quite a bit and it is a lot of fun.  It is also one of those games that I just sort of enjoy playing and winning or loosing doesn't really matter as much to me.  Like I loose Agricola a lot and that does bother me.  Carssoconne even if I am way behind I still enjoy playing. 

I've undertaken a new project where I am designing a hex and chit war game that takes place on an alternate earth where a world war has broken out and the normally neuteral super heroes have picked sides and joined in.  It is going to use cards as a randomizer and it is barrowing things from both ASL and Sekigahara along with some good old fasioned original ideas.  It is going to be asymetric senarios that feature tough choices.  One of the nice things is that the way I have it set up I will be able to have a great deal of senario variation as a result of all the different elements I can throw around.  Right now I am looking into various resolution mechanics that are quick, elegant, and decisive.  Once that's done I can start stating out units and designing scenarios in earnest. 

I also have an idea for a cyberpunk hacking game in the vein of Netrunner though instead of using two decks of cards the runner uses a combination drafting/deckbuilding set of rules and the corporation uses a worker placement set of rules.  I am REALLY excited about this but I want to get a lot of basic leg work out of the way for the hero game before starting another one.  This way I can choose to either do heavy design work or basic playtesting or something like that.  I know by the end of May I'll have some interesting things to report.

For now though it is time for me to sign off. 

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