Monday, May 14, 2012

Well That Changes Things

I spent the morning convincing myself that I want a smart phone.  I don't think it worked.  I can't help but think that a smart phone is a "not as good" version of something else I want.  For example, I either want a tablet pc or an ebook reader to help fascilitate my reading habit and in the case of a tablet read gaming pdfs.  A smart phone can do one of those things but the screen will hurt my eyes like an ebook reader wouldn't and it can't do a gaming pdf at all.  I want a portable game system.  Specifically a vida as the vida is a spectacular piece of hardware that already has several games I want on it.  With a smart phone I could bore myself with Angry Birds, I mean really who gives a fuck?  So I could look up words, check movie show times, and basically do all the stuff I do on baby laptop except I could do it from my pocket.  I dunno, it isn't working I already have an internet connection I don't need more.

Man that makes me sound old :P.

That all came from the fact that I broke my cellphone last night, my contract is up and the opportunity is there.  There is no real point in passing up an oppertunity.  Oh well.

I was going to write something about horror movies and the difference between a good horror movie and a great one.  I was going to use A Serbian Film, Maryrs,  The Loved Ones, and The Strangers and show the differences between one and to demonstrate why some work and the others don't.  It would be a good time, but between my cell phone and my car I've kinda dipped into a survival mode and doing that much concentration on any one subject isn't going to work.

So instead I am doing this to relax.  Relaxing is important.  All I need to do is to get the car to the shop across the street, then I can walk home, then everything will be mostly fine.  I am pretty sure everything will be okay.  It is just that it sucks that I have to be here at work doing semi pointless shit instead of being able to take care of my own life.  If there was someone else here today I would actually go home and get myself taken care of but it is just me and someone else and so I can't leave.  That is LAME. 

Moving on. the game is happening nicely.  Tonight I am going to prolly push some counters around and see what there is to see.  I have movement stuff all done so right now I need to get things like stats hammered out.  I have some rough ideas of stats and stuff so right now I will make them work until people work the way I want them to.  Range is something weird to do.  I know in ASL range is pretty fixed and something I can easily work out.  However, I could make it more of a part of the balance thing.  I haven't decided so I am going to mess around with it some and see how things look.  Range is important and I don't want this to be a game where in the girm distant future everyone runs around hitting each other with swords.  That's one of my specific complaints about warhammer 40k. 

So FFG has decided to republish Netrunner.  This is weird for me because they are republishing a game I used to play in my youth.  Looks like I am old or something.  Whatever, I'LL KILL YOU.  I am excited about this but at the same time I am a little aprehensive.  My biggest complaint about the LCG format is that it is difficult to sustain multiple decks.  For example in A Game of Thrones there is a card called Milk of the Poppies, it makes a character worthless.  You get one copy in the base set and there pretty much isn't a deck ever that couldn't use or want a playset of that card.  So you either need to buy TONS of core sets, shuffle cards from one deck to another, or just suck it up.  Netrunner is one of those games where you have a lot of basic cards you absolutely need for a deck to function.  However, the two deck nature of the game is really going to help here.  What I am hoping is that I'll be able to buy two copies of the base set and be able to get 4 distinctive decks out of it.  Then when I buy chapter packs I'll be able to tweak those 4 decks and possibly make new ones.  The game is supposedly going to be broken into 6 factions which means three per side.  If they do the game of thrones thing where cross faction deck building is ill advised then solid!  More than likely what will happen is that cross faction deck building will be key nessesitating at least 2 core sets to augment any and all booster packs that come out.  The real question is it worth it?  My answer is absolutely.

In other news SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE is scheduled to come out this year, Leviathans has made great strides fowards towards its release, and Fortress America is supposed to be released soon.  Fortress America is one of those things I want but will prolly be kicked off to the back burner while I wait for some more solid news on Leviathans.

Lunch is nearly over and I do feel quite a bit better.  As long as my car starts tonight everything should be okay and I should be able to get home tonight and once that happens everything will be fine.   

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