Friday, May 11, 2012

Yay time!

It is my lunch time!  I was going to work on my hero game for a bit but I decided that I am just gonna do that when I get home.  This day was shaping up to be really long but then good things happened so I am going to recharge some batteries and get to work tonight.  For tonight I am going to come up with stats for things and move them at each other and doing some attacks!  Attacks are the exciting part.  I am going to call this phase the great tweeking.  I'll prolly be using ASL counters for now, though I should mock up some of my own just because I wanna.  Hopefully I will get everythings right the first time and there won't be a single bug to iron out!  Actually I'd be terrified if I did that!  But still you know how it is.  Then I need to mock up some of my own maps, decide on map size, and soon I can begin the long arduous process of playtesting.  YAY!  I am actually really excited about all of this.

I really want to make it so that each unit has a pretty specific use, and by using them you can achive the goals of the senarios.  The thing I really like about this game is that I can kinda go nuts with the senario.  One of the main reasons why I am making this game is that I was reading on an ASL forum about how senario design is inherently limited by the restrictions of reality.  This game is more of a game than a simulation and as a result I can really get creative with the senario design like holding onto a certain location for so long will give you bonuses to defense, or by delivering a package from one area to another you get some sort of bonus.  We could do a shell game where there are several fake packages all trying to be delivered to one paticular site and if the real package makes it then the senario will be in the bag but finding the right one can be difficult.  We can make the senarios really interesting and dynamic which is a lot of fun.

The other thing we can do is big terrain effects.  One of the things that always kinda baffled me about Hex and counter wargames is how static the terrain is.  Unlike a miniature game terrain isn't this fixed, static thing you built yourself.  Again this also has to do with historical accuracy rather than anything else.  But I mean come on, when making terrain modifications is as easy as moving some counters and slapping down an overlay I mean come on!  A guy punches the ground so hard he makes crater?  Cool!  Someone going very fast gets shot out of the sky and makes a trench?  Alright!  Forests fires, lakes of fire, lakes in general, mudslides, rock slides, diverted rivers, floods, there is all sorts of things we can do and all with the magic of terrain overlays.  I really want to do an Archmage block wargame and go fucking nuts with that concept but right now, focusing on the issue at hand, I think a lot of fun and interesting stuff can happen with terrain.

The other thing I need to not do is go crazy with unit types.  MAN I WANT TO.  But I like the theme and the idea of heroes clashing with heroes while people slog it out over the battle field.  However, once I get this all up and running there is NO reason why I can't take this same engine and do a World Weird War 3 type game thing.  The hero game is gonna have a theme and some neat background stuff.  Once the game gets going more I am considering writing some mutants and masterminds stuff to go with it.  for background and stuff.  Again this is in the future once I get things up and running.  Still it is nice to have future plans so that the current goals seem all the more pressing to deal with.  Alright well my lunch is over and I am STOKED about working on this tonight which is pretty much the point of me doing this.  A little pep talk to get me through.  I didn't sleep well last night and I woke up with a splitting headache but I got most of my problems done solved and now my talk has been pepped and I am good to go!  WEEE!  I am excited.  Alright lunch is over.

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