Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I should be working on Mutants and Masterminds but I don't want to. I instead want to write about middle class problems, even though I am not middle class I still have so of their problems isn't that fun? No. No it isn't.

Essentially, I want an e-book reader. I am in no way a gadget obsessed person. I say this as I type on my cute lil net book which is sitting next to my metallic pink ds. But it is true I do not have to have anything. I do want an ebook reader more and more. The reason being is that I want to start reading more. However, books are expensive, my local library is SORELY lacking, so that leaves me with an ebook reader. My biggest problem with ebook readers is that getting the stuff I want to read is still a hassle. Last night I spent some time on the Kindle store and I discovered some curious gaps. For example I couldn't fine Catch-22 but they had Catch as Catch Can. They didn't have Nightwook (dealbreaker) but theyh had a book about Nightwood called Djuna Barnes, T. S. Eliot and the Gender Dynamics of Modernism: Tracing Nightwood. Of course that book is 84 fucking dollars. Now if I am going to spend 84 dollars on a fucking book I am going to be able to hold the damn thing, and optimally it will be encased in panda hide. I don't see panda's as endangered they are just a rare spawn. The Kindly Ones is up which is nice because I already read it but you should too. Some of the newer Necroscope books are available on the Kindle but not the classic ones which I really care about.

Worst of all the stuff from the gonzo fiction movement isn't on Kindle and I've been dying to read more of it.

So I am stuck. Even the superficial fun things I want to read, not on the kindle leagally or illeagally and so I am back to books.

When you combine this with the fact that there is no not taking, passage highlighting, nor am I certain that they will handle footnoting very well. One of my major complaints about my copy of Maldoror is the amount of flipping around the book I gotta do in order to know what the notes all mean. An ebook reader might aliviate that, and it problably won't. Of course Maldoror isn't even in the Kindle store so why should I care.

I keep mentioning the Kindle store because it is just easy to browse. I would like to point out that the Barns and Noble store isn't much better in terms of selection and strange gaps. Ultimatly, while I would love to get in on the whole ebook thing I think my taste in books just isn't going to allow it. Sure sure I can find pleanty of stuff to read, and I can go back to reading Stephen King books which is something I've been wanting to do forever. Actually I bet Under the Dome is at the library...not the point though. Also I think I'd need quite awhile to finish it.

I was going to write up some pros to the whole ebook thing but ultimatly my heart isn't in it. There are many many many books that I want. But they don't last, and I can't just reread them like I do my comic books. It just doesn't work as well. I dunno.

So that's that then. I suppose I could take the 200 bucks I would of spent on an ebook reader and turn it into real books but I am not so sure. I actually noticed some sweet deals while putting this post together so I might do that. For now though I have other things to do.

Well shit this wasn't very exciting. Umm hrm. Oh well. I am really tired for some reason so I guess I am going to fuck off, eat some cookies, and watch babylon 5.

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