Saturday, September 18, 2010

Okay Back at it

No seriously the last time I tried to write a blog post this girl and a guy took a seat near me. This girl had this voice, a voice that seriously felt like she put ear drums in my ass just so that she could fuck me with her voice. Oh man and her verbal cock was MASSIVE. I know people with smaller fists. Trish for example. Terrible times.

But for all intents and purposes the problems of the last post still stand. Really, though I think it is primarly an issue of organization and how I plan on spending my free time rather than a series of other things.

Andrew suggested making the game bi weekly. This would work if I didn't spontanously left town. When I say spontaneoulsy I really do mean that. There are times, like this week for example where I will be out getting ready to play Malifaux and then all the sudden I need to be home and packing, and closing up the house so I can take off to never never land once I get done with work. As a direct result of that making the game bi weekly would mean that we would just end up not playing for sometimes 2/3 weeks in a row. That's rough.

In general though I just need to better organize how I spend my time more. I also need to plot out what exactly needs to be done. While I was at werk with Sasha I planned out some stuff that needs to be done with the campain to get it back to directly where I want it to be. I also need to get everyone on the same page of what exactly their charecters can do because I am 90% positive that Jason's charecter doesn't work that way.

I was told I should grow my hair out. I am still going to cut it though. I think I like the way it looks super short much better.

You know girls put cucumbers in their vaginas. Not all of them but some of them do. Pickles are not for that. They are for eating. Though I suppose a post vagina cucumber is still edible but I mean...cumbers they have wax and pesticides on them. They are not for vaginas.

You know the proper puluralization for vaginas is vaginae? Well now you do. This is important for those threesome situations.

So I guess the two things I need to get done is that I need to finish painting the malifaux figgures we will be using in the demo at the con thing, and I need to patch up some holes in the campaign to make things a little bit more cohesive for me. The more cohesive things are for me, the more cohesive things are for everyone. Over and out.

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