Saturday, September 25, 2010

Moving On To Other things

So moving past my annoyance of the comic book industry I want to talk about something else. I am not sure what though. Something. After complaining at length about not having enough time for things I started playing an MMO again because this is CLEARLY the correct course of action. As a result I still haven't finnished a book I wanted to get done with already and I am still at a loss as to how to paint up my Viktorias. No matter though as I now have one charecter at lvl 35, another at 30, two more I got from level 1-20, and my Warshade is moving rapidly twords mother fucking warshade status. I'm also having a lot of fun. At the end of the day that is what matters most to me. I spend more quality time with city of heroes than any other mmo I've ever played and that actually includes Dungeon Fighters.

So I am okay with having a massive horrible time sink. Of course right now it is also in "NEW TOY" mode so there is that. I am thinking that I am going to stick with it this time. As a result I'll be buying the Going Rouge expansion either after I am done with NaNo in November or the middle of October. We will see how my writting schedual goes.

One of the things I also wanted to adress is that Andrew sent me a message in responce to the last time I bitched about time and friends and the time friends take. Let me be clear that I wasn't really capital c complaining about anything but rather just working out where my time was going, where I want it to be going, and how I am choosing to spend my time. I just wnated to make sure I am okay with everything that is happening to me, and for the most part I am.

The trick to being me is that I need to live a very deliberate life. When I go to hang out on Tuesday it is my choice, I stay at work late because it is my choice, I choose to drop what I am doing and flee to New Orleans, roleplay once a week, have less time than I want for reading specifically because of video games, et cetera. What I do want to do less of is watch less TV, or when I watch TV I want it to be something educational. Bablyon 5 is great and all but I have been watching way to much of it so right now I need to step back and give it and everything else related to it a rest.

Lunch as well as this blog is over.

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