Monday, September 6, 2010

Spending Some Time

Quality time with the blog, or it might not be quality time, who knows. I sure as heck don't.

So I got roped back into playing city of heroes by AJ's sinister word trick. He walked up to me and said, "Hey Mike Andrew is thinking of going back to city of heroes". Yep that's all that took.

Last night as I played I realized that I never really wanted to be away from that game in the first place. I was forced out due to writting in my blog nearly every night (FUCK YOU BLOG) and getting home after ten. Now before you could usually find someone doing something. Sure I might miss out on Warzone raids or I would have a bitch of a time getting a task force going but you know I'd still be able to use my super powers to be a righteous force of good in a grey world. I was a tank, and in certain situations I am invulnerable .

As I stood in the middle of three mobs of enemies consiting entirely of bosses and luitenents I realized that the only reason why I left was because the late night community was dead.

I hope this still isn't the case because I really do love that game, plowing through enemies, the leaping travel power, mother ship raids, beating up giant monsters, messing around in croatoa, Roman Nazis, and playing dressup. It is one of the few MMOs where I can spend the entire day in front of the computer playing it and I still feel like I have accomplished something. There is so little wasted time (unlike wow) that I am always moving onto something new. The only thing I REALLY wish is that I could listen in on multiple broadcast channels at a time, so I can tell if a roman task force is gathering, or a costume contest, or anything else I want to do. Maybe there is, I think I'll go ask.

And now the waiting game!

In other news Kingdom of Loathing has just compleatly killed my hardcore run thanks to the stupid biggs dig event. Between gathering Lucra and digging I am having just about no time for my actual run. Ordinarily I tend to take an easy come easy go to this sort of thing. But I wasn't going to ascend until I saw that I could make it so that Feast of Boris would be right in the middle of my run, AWESOME. The day after I ascended the fucking dig site opens and I miss it because I was all day oneing and I just didn't have the adventures...whereas if I had just waited a day I would of had well over 200 adventures and I would of been able to gain access to all the content easily. Oh well. Now it has been changed so that you can only spend 30 adventures there every other day which is cool, hopefully it will still be going on after I get out of hardcore though.

Moving on, there is a con that is going to be happening at UWF. Our bratty little sister club is going to be putting it on and hopefully it is going to decent. I don't like the people running it but we have Malifaux now so running some demo games and such could actually be a lot of fun. The trick is how do we introduce a game that is very complicated to a new inexperienced audience? I did it through voilence. That won't work with everyone though.

The best way I think to go about it would be to have 25 point games with some of the eaiser to use masters ie, Lady Justice, Viktorias, Seamus, and one more. I am thinking Sonnia Crid, because we already have a crew for her, but definitly not Kirai, Leviticus, or Collette. Maaaaybe McMouring :). The way I plan to do it is to have one maybe two tables, we pick out the encounters and schemes ahead of time so as to not bewilder the new people, we explain the rules briefly and then we have a person who hangs out over the new guy's shoulder explaining to him what the different units do, all the special abilities, stuff they need to look out for, things like that. I think it could be fun.


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