Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movie Time with Mike!

I've realized that actually have no idea when Christmas is, I don't really care either because Christmas is one of those face punching holidays but holy fucking shit I sincerely thought it was next week. I don't know why I thought that but there is literally every car ever on the road and while I only planned to run by TBS looks like I am setting up shop here until I feel like leaving. This is okay for me, for one they have Sweet Tooth 2! Which is something I want very much greatly and I wouldn't of known about otherwise. They also have free WIFI and I have sunkist so everything is pretty groovy for now. We'll see how things go from there. I am hoping that in an hour or two I'll be able to leave. I am feeling productive today and I wanted to convert one of my long boxes into a minature carrying case. Pack some foam in it then use carboard as dividers I think it will work really well, this is paticularly true considering the fact that I am going to end up with several 50mm based figures. So there is that.

I suppose I could do that here, but that is something I'd want to do on my own so I can do my own thing. I was considering getting a fancy briefcase carrying case thingy but after the great criminal enterprise I decided against it, mostly because I no longer have enough minis to make it worth while.

So I guess I will just move the movies post to the next one. ANYWAY. I decided that my next two crews will be Seamus and McMourning. See by rebuying my Seamus stuff I'll have a bunch of stuff I can use with McMourning until I get around to actually buying all the stupid little dogs and everything for him. I also need Waldigists for Lilith but that will come later if ever. I would make people come down to TBS and play with me but it is already close to 2:30 and there is lots I want to do today so we will hold off on that. The biggest problem we have is finding a place to play. I'll be glad when the commons are back open and we can continue to play there.

You know it is weird how few people play McMourning in Malifaux. I mean he is a freaking mad scientist with zombie dogs, his stat line lets him pretty much decimate every charecter in the game just so long as no one hits him, and he can heal regularly without soulstones. What is not to love? I am excited about getting him. He can whip about the battlefield doing his thing. I am actually going to exparament running him without zombie dogs. I mean you can run Leviticus without abombinations, so I assume you can do the same with McMourning I mean there are just pretty much there for speed bumps anyway. I can do the same thing more effectivly with necropunks, necropunks look cooler too.

Alright well I am going to move on to movies now.

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