Monday, December 20, 2010

Paradime Shift mebby?

I was going to do a movie night round up but I don't think I am going to have time to give Forgien Duck the space it deserves and it really does deserve a lot of space. I also want to gush about Dinner Rush. You know it is a good night of movie watching when Ip Man two is the lowest point of the evening. But that is how things go. Anyway! A thought occured to me midway though the second movie that other people would of enjoyed doing this with me. Movie night with me can be pretty intense. Every once in awhile I will just go off the deep end and watch stuff like I Stand Alone and Irreversable. Okay actually I am not sure I ever want to see Irreversable again, and if I do I want it to be on a big fuck off screen so I can get the full effect of the nausea. Yes the nausea the movie is desighned to make you nauseous and trust me it does without the spinning camera trick. There are other times where I will put something on like August Underground, Visitor Q, Gummo, and Happiness without any sort of regard for the people around me. I had sex to the Piano Tuner of Earthquakes. That doesn't even make sense but I made it happen because there is nothing like sex+the most amazing stop motion animation you are ever going to see.

I love movies. I don't love the safe quiet sterialized holywood approved crap, but sometimes they do make some bloody good stuff. The Tourist isn't one of those things. See that movie at your peril and note that if you loved the Tourist you don't want to do movie night with me, your face will melt off Invaders of the Lost Ark style and I will drink your blood. I don't even like blood it is salty but I will do it anyway.

That is sort of the philosphy I take when it comes to movie time, often times I won't know what the hell I am going to watch because I can't be bothered to read descriptions I judge things based on titles, box art, or half a trailer. Like Brick! I didn't even finish the trailer for Brick, I left the house and hit up blockbusters until I found it in a 4 for 20 bin. It took two tries. I will miss blockbuster when it goes out of buisness, I think this will be the first brick and morter store to truely go out of buisness due to an online competitor. That's cool though make way for progress and all of that whatever. I still get exactly what I want when I want it so I am okay with just about everything.

See here is the thing though, I actually thought it would be nice to have a movie night with other people. That doesn't happen to me. I am the emperor of solitude I don't need you. It is true I don't need you but I will cheefully admit that many of you are very nice to have around and I guess that is it. After all I just dropped 130 bucks on two board games to use with my friends. That isn't very solitude like. I should of bought books. So something is changing. On Wensday night I plan on picking up another gaming group which will leave me at three a week. I also plan on starting to gm again sometime in the spring. I don't know when though, James seems to be enjoying himself, I think I will join in now that the Sasha thing has resolved itself and my work schedual seems to have calmed down.

The movie night though, that would be nice. Once a month gather some folks together and screen movies, movies beyond compare, movies beyond belief. I mean there are so many people that deserve to see:

The Fall:

The Foreign Duck the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker Trailer

Air Doll:

Piano Turner of EarthQuakes

Life During War Time

And many others some worth seeing others not. Will it happen? I dunno maybe I'll float the idea to people by writting this blog post and shoving it on the internet to see what will happen. If it doesn't I won't be sad, and if it does I will be moderatly happy in general I have enough people in my life either way.

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