Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sex Lies and Video Tape

I think of all the movies I have ever come across this has by far the most evocative title. I've never seen this movie but I hear it is good. The thing is that the title is reffrenced quite often and people seem to pick up on it, but again the number of people who have actually seen the movie is pretty low. A Clockwork Orange is kinda like that. Looking back on that movie I realize I don't like it very much. I has some moments. Some glorious moments in fact, like singing in the rain. But then the second half of the movie kicks in and I all the sudden find other things very interesting, like my feet. This makes it a good movie to have sex to actually since the first half sets the mood and when both of you loose interest you can move in on each other! What? That's how that works right?

I don't actually care that is how it should work. But yeah the whole second half of the movie is kind of a drag for me. Actually I only like the middle of 2001, which I think most people are in the same boat as me. However, I do love all of The Killing, Dr. Strangelove, Barton Fink, and Eyes Wide Shut so it is kind of a mixed bag. This isn't at all what I came here to write but I realized just as I was about to start that my topic was WAAAAAY to ambitious to be just sort of slung around during lunch time so I am kinda flapping in the breeze mostly because I don't feel like reading very much or rather I don't feel like reading very much of the things I have with me.

I was going to write a comparative thing between the 5th Season of Dexter and the prototypical rape revenge movie. Then I was going to talk a little bit about the sort of sacred bond that Dexter shares with death and how he is willing to let Lumen transgress that line to become more like him. This is something that is highly intement and it is being built up over a series of episodes. However, in your prototypical rape revenge movie we have 15 minuts of setting 30 minuts of rape, and the rest is revenge. It would then branch out more onto the nature of revenge and how we view death and things like that. A lot of people have very curious views when it comes to how other people should pay for their crimes. I mean the way people carried out revenge really was something that used to tear entire societies apart and I think that both the idea of the rape revenge movie and what is going on in Dexter really tap into these sorts of elemental forces. It is just that the rape/revenge movie is all about brute force trauma.

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