Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving Onwards!

This will be one of my last posts here for awhile national novel writting month is on my door step and soon I will be buried in self imposed deadlines, and a lot of drive and determination. I got my novel idea all set up and installed in my head and I am ready to go. It isn't perfect. Hell it isn't even going to be good, but it will be mine and it will happen. I've decided that UNLIKE last year I will be making daily updates to the blog so that if anything happens I won't loose everything like I did with my second novel. It is a shame because I really liked it. I am thinking that in the spring sometime I am going to pick up where that left off and turn it into a serial writing project. Then I can update it every year thereafter for NANO or write something else. I love the idea of writing a HUGE chunk ahead of time then just editing things up before publication. I think that suits my style a lot more than just going at it on the fly. It also increases the chance for quality and that is always a good thing in my book. Mmmmyep.

Moving on things have been getting a little bit foggy for me lately. I tested my limits for socializationa and I found them all right where I left them. My eyes degrade slower, my migrains happen less often, I get depressed less frequenly, these are all the benifits I have reaped while getting older. Yet I am still the same old anti social crumogon that I always was. Fortunatly, I have understanding friends.

Moving on. For some reason I started pulling out all sorts of theory books and I have been going through them again. Why? I can't say really. It started because I realized that I couldn't remeber the explanation for the schema Lacan used for understanding metaphores without framing the conversation using Wittgenstein's language games. I figgured it out though. Lacan places a lot of the higher functions of language in the subconscious. The thing is, and I may be wrong about this, is that he doesn't really talk about the subconscious all that much at least not so much as a seperate physical entity. Physical is the wrong word and the right word at the same time isn't it. It is there that the incorporial and the concrete mix together isn't it. On the one hand it is a vast knowable place between my lizard brain that keeps my body functioning, and my higher thought process which are composing this blog post right now. It is the thing that makes me want to do all sorts of things, and it is the place where my dreams come from. In a lot of ways it is the bridge between the mind and the body, the medium where it all takes place. It collects, then categorizes desires and decides which ones will come bubbling up out of the sea of crap that is running around down there. That is interesting and it is worth some further thought at a later time.

Moving on. I both saw and enjoyed A Serbian Film. I am not sure about what this says about me as a human being but WHATEVER. I've seen quite a few extreme horror films, all three of the August Underground movies, two of the three vomit movies, Cannibal...maybe that it what it was called I don't remeber is was based off the german case where the one dude willingly allowed himself to be eaten, and some others. I've enjoyed them all to varying degrees but I mean for the most part once I'd seen them I'd seen them and there is no real reason for me to watch them again. Ever. This isn't true for A Serbian Film. I confess it has to do with the art porn angle. The porn angle is what interested me in the first place and it is what will drive me to watch it again and maybe again afterwards who knows. There is something about porn that makes you wonder sometimes, just how far are people willing to go to allow other people to jerk off. The answer is terrifyingly far. In a couple of ways it is like an EXTREME 8mm but in a lot of other ways it explores more about the actors. At one time I wanted to do a granny trannie interview project. Now I think I am more interested to do an extreme porn interview project. What are these people like? How do they work? What is in it for them? I find it all very interesting. But I find lots of things interesting that reduce other people to tears so who knows.

Anyway just about out of time. Back to work and adventure and all of that.

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