Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm cooking lunch and writting is fun. It also feels kinda like crack. So lets see what to write about.

Comics I've been reading.

Scalped. I don't care if you don't like comics get on line a buy copies of it. Not because I want everyone to read it but because I want it to last long enough so that it can reach its natural conclusion so I can read it. Scalped isn't really like anything I've ever read. The whole thing takes place on a native american reservation and it is an increadbly unique look into both crime, poverty, and a people wrestling to hold onto ancient customs. It is jaw dropping in quality, and one 6 issue story arc just covered the events of one night, told fragmentary style through the eyes of several of the charecters. I really want to go indepth with scalped but I am not even really sure how. There are so many ways to go about it that I am kinda mindboggled. It is a world compleatly divorced from my own and yet it is a reality that is right around the corrner. It is also so flipping well written that all I can do is just sort of fling around praise. Arrgh. It is something I would teach.

Thor. So people have been talking about how good the new thor book is. I didn't beleive them. Why? Well I always thought that Thor was a really stupid concept for a super hero. I really did. I mean to have the god of thunder running around calling people knave and throwing his hammer at them is sorta...dumb? He kinda filled the role of heavy artiliary, he'd show up, zap whatever the fuck and wander off. Mostly to asgard where things were his calliber. I dunno I might pick up one of the collections of older books, perhaps I've been unfair to him. I doubt it though. ANYWAY. So Thor is back. Apparently Ragnarok went down thanks to Loki, Thor and all the other gods died, but thor's human host brought him back...that was neat. I really liked that part. Then Thor rebuilt Asgaurd in the midwest, I really like that too. Although it was kinda random. So anyway thor goes and starts resurecting gods who all ended up in human hosts. While this happens some of them end up interacting with citizens of the small midwestern town that they are next to with hilariouse results. The whole series has this insanely charming feel to it. and it told the civil war to fuck off which made me happy. Oh which reminds me I want to do something on power and politics in a bit. Maybe after lunch which is ready now.

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