Tuesday, February 17, 2009

dice, minatures, comics, and drugs

well okay no drugs but whatever. So I'm in a mood to write, but not write for Exalted which is what I should be doing. I now see all the massive flaws with that game. I'll run it for a couple of more story arcs at least and then shut it down. Its alright for the most part but oddly enough I end up feeling restricted by the types of stories I can tell? Buh? Well let me explain. Exalted takes place in a diverse, well rounded, interesting world that is incredibly well supported background story wise. The is a variety of things for the players to go do an see, and all that is pretty neat.

The problem is that the players are not some dudes with swords who decided to wander away from whatever shithole village they live in and go and see things. No they are incarnated gods. And not crappy gods, they are the gods who boss the other crappy gods around. They take part in world shaking events, they do BIG things. It is what they do. It isn't so much that I can't think of big things for them to do. That's easy. It is just that everything has to be big. One of the main advantages of D&D is that you can make the world huge and shit can hit the fan in only one tiny little area which they players will help out in...

You know I realize now that I can justify this all day. It is just that I don't like storytelling in exalted. Which is a shame because I bought all those fucking hardbacks :-). Not really a shame though because I love to read them and think aobut them, and think up antagonists. But I realize that when I GM I like to tell these really labrthine stories that my players just about never fucking pick up on. But that is okay because I always got them trying to guess where I am going to hit them next, all the while I am adjusting the web to their screwings around. I kinda wish I sucked it up and just rand shadowrun instead. Now there is a game. I think I might start writting up a campain for it on the sly. I think after I conclude Exalted Andrew might take over again or it might go back to me. I don't know. Anything but 4th edition D&D. Playing the awesome miss game is NOT awesome.

So I bought a box of 5 Chaos space Marines to paint up. Yeah guess it is that time again where I all the sudden want to play warhammer 40k again. I really do this time though. I halted the sisters of battle army because I realized I didn't really want to play them. As cool as they are fuck that. Just...just doesn't work for me. So if I do end up playing anything it will be chaos. Like it should be. I mean come on I personally identify with 3 of the 4 chaos gods. It is where I belong. SO once I get these 5 mariens assembed and painted I'll see where I stand on the whole thing. No sense in plunking down 90 bucks on a battle force and realizing it was just a passing thing.

In video game news I am winding up Ar Tonellico 2. I'll be taking down another swath of it when I am done here and I am moderatly excited about it. I acidently chose the wrong girl friend. I am still angry about that. I mean seriously? At the start of the game when you have to choose paths she seemed so sweet and nice. Then not an hour later she tells you she just said all thouse things so she could infiltrate the knights and find her sister. BITCH.Then she formed a flawed Malefacta and spent the whole time complaining about how she grew up poor and didn't feel loved by her mom and HOLY FUCK worst part of the game. I wanted to strangle her by the time that shit was done with. And her cosmosphere is a bloody wreck. She glued all the little parts of her personailty to make a "perfect" one. Fuck that is one scary bitch. She is everything I hate about certain women wrapped into one person, lying, manipulative, weasily, and a coward. And look at that I acidently started dating her. In the game not real life. I real life I'd dump her ass and go chase down the Jacquli. Man I want to play the first game so badly, it is pretty fucking crazy. Unfortunatly finding it is next to impossible. Here's hoping to a reprint.

Despite that last paragraph of bitching I absolutly love the game. The combat system is wild crazy fun and for a long time I geninely didn't know what was going to happen next in the story. I'm really enjoying it. I just ended up dating the wrong girl, and a second play through just isn't going to happen not for a long while. Not while I have persona 3 sitting right there taunting me. I kinda want to play an actual hard rpg...and there it is. But I also genuinely want to know what will happen in Ar Tenellico 2 so its currently winning my time.

Hrm. I'm thinking about stealing a dining room chair from work. I think I will next Gala. Or NO the next first sunday.

Oh fuck yeah that Phonogram comic I pointed out a couple of posts ago? Fucking awesome, yes it is!

Alright I am done now.

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