Friday, February 6, 2009

Where Babies Come From

Firday the 13th part 6


Lets face it the movies while as a whole are interesting to me, individually they do not warrent a whole heck of a lot of atension. I really don't understand my own intrest with the series but here it goes anyway. Theres are going to be a series of notes which I hope will become...something awesome, someday. While looking at another writting project I realized my proximity to the actual friday the 13th like in real life. I'd like to pretend that it is a coincidence. It isn't but then again its a day devoted to luck and coincedes so maybe it is.

Jason's eyes are brown. In this movie his resureaction is coming about through lightning. Like ties to Frakenstien, and the sort of drama intrinsic in that.

Also not that there is an attempted death via fire, perhaps a crossreffrence with Freddy vs. Jason.

Heh clever a little James Bond reffrence thrown in there I like that sort of thing.

So why am I not starting with the first movie? Well the first disk didn't burn right that's why. Also, really, REALLY, it isn't like the chronology matters a whole lot. The motherducker just got rezzed via lighting.

MAN I miss rated R movies. People in movies just sound like idiots dancing atound swear words. In the real world people do say fucked up. Then again it is nice to have movies feel like movies sometimes which is what happens when everyone runs around doing thier very best not to swear even though they are very much in a "oh fuck situation"

HEY SASHA a charecter just made a reffrence to a horror movie in a horror movie and the understanding that no man in the middle of the night wearing a mask is friendly. She's going to die now because because she listened to her dumbshit boyfriend...what the hell are there people even doing here, they aren't even on a road. Whatever.

Camp Blood, what an awesome name. Oh and it explained what thouse people were doing camp counsilers.

Man movies before cell phones. God I hate cell phones. I wish I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I could go to walmart...I have sunkist I care about nothing.

I think these moviesd make less sense to me because I've never been to summer camp. But I've met people who have become camp counsilers. They would be much better off with Jason in my opinion.

OH HEY this is one of the one's I've seen before. It is actually the movie that started this whole project.

Oh oh paintballers. With the rediculouse conversation about a man's game. Linked with idea that it is almost always a woman that ends up killing him. Lots of women die first but you know how it is.

I should do something with the humour in these movies. I should also touch on the fact that most people have only seen one Friday the 13th movie, along with cultural momentyum on the scale of superman/batman along with the horror movie crash, along with the horror movie revival, along I just wanted to see how long I could make that go, how disapointing. I should do Lepperchaun next. Or hellraiser which for two movies is actually good.

Ah alchoholic elderly humor!

Lots of cross visual irony. What overly violent cops. You know a lot of people kicked up a fuss with they changed the guns to walky talkies in ET but not me. That freaked me out as a kid. I mean he was clearly just a little boy running around and these cops are chasing after him with guns drawn. I knew full god damned well what guns drawn meant at that age and it really frightened me. I had already had an unhealthy distrust of adults as it was, cops running around with intent to kill some little kid really bothered me. DON'T argue with me gun out=intent to kill.

"No it was real just like on tv" quote for the ages ladies and gentalmen. Spoken by nacy the mcguffin. All children in this movie are essentially mcguffins.

Guy came to early=male inadiquacy=important!

One thing I like about Jason is his taste for horror. I mean the guy is, in this movie, dead, ressurected from fucking lightinging. He is super strong, and unless it is the end of the movie he is indestructable and yet he still takes the time to sneak around, be stealthy, and to kill people with finess, instead of just juggernauting at them pointlessly. No he took the time to sneak onto that camper and was all Solid Snake about it. Good job Jason.

Oh hey this movie takes place on friday the 13th wasn't sure about that.

One black girl down one to...oh wait one black person per movie my bad.

Yay Nancy our little prophet just woke up and saw jason.

I wanna learn how to do a bootlegger turn.

Nancy was also walking around with Jason's bloody machette she is now both everyman and the greek chorus. I will just throw post modern theory at it until you either believe me or unable to understand what I am talking about. It's like cheeze you just keep adding it until whatever you are eating tastes great.

God people in horror movies have shit peripheral vision
THis movie really really works well with what I want to do. It is very much the quinticential Jason movie that people think about when they thing Friday the 13th.


Lots of insanity in the whole series. I can work with that extreamly easily. Reporcussions of battle.

That's right jason straight for Nacy!

And saved by the bell. Oh wait no they show her praying. Virgin mary to boot.

Man I can't think of camp crystal lake without thinking of that scene where Freddy jumps out of the water. That is so fucking cool.Yeah that's right fucking I AM RATED R. Cockslab!

I don't know why they bothered with the "is he dead thing" he got raied by lighting the shotgun isn't going to stop him... hell even Jason gives up on it after one shot.

Returning him to his original resing spot. There is something about that. Its like a kind of sacrifice in its own right. "What ere you going to be when you grew up, this movie is hilarouse".

God the main charecter bitch in this movie is stupid as fuck, she is running around screaming at the top of her lungs. I mean fuck. I can't beleive she gets to live she is by far the dumbest charecter.

If at first you don't suceed set something on fire.

Yeah see its the end of the movie so he looses his super strength.

And a man gets the kill in this movie. Wierd! Especially with all the chickzors power at the start...oh wait no she got him...with a boat propller. Good status quo maintained.

Oh and she gives crazy dude mouth to mouth and bringshim back to life YAY! I guess.

And the movies ended with terrible 80's music! Woo!

Made in 1986 3 mill budget 19 mill revenue.


Okay well that's how babies are made.

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