Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scatter Shot

Oh man the things I want to write about have reached critical mass. Unfortunatly, the things I want to do have also reached critical mass so we have the unstoppable force versus the immovable object.

Heaven or Hell
Duel one let's ROCK

So a scatter shot, a sort of abstract of what is going on in my mind.


Comics: Jesus what a month for comics. I mean holy shit. The way I break up my money now is that I spend 50 bucks on whatever comics I want, and I also have a list of discresionary comics which I will buy regardless of bugetar concerns. This month though? All Star Superman vol2, Batman RIP, DMZ Vol 6, Walking Dead Vol 9, and Simon Dark Vol 2 all come out. Most hit on the 17th, some hit on the 10th. Batman and Walking Dead are already in the mail the rest will be following shortly. I might be raising some eyebrows with the inclusion of superman in that list. However, it is the conclusion of the Grant Morrison run on that book and man. The first book I find to be simply breath taking. It is nothing short of mythic in size and stature. I love it so much. It is so big and so...warm is the only way I can think to describe it. It is like getting a metaphysical hug. I don't understand the way I feel about it. I do understand that I want it's conclusion.

BoOks: I've been reading Issac Asamov's foundation trilogy, slowly but surely. Man I like it. The best way to describe it is a collection of 6 novellas broken into two books themeaticly, and chonologically arragned to show how the development of empire. I really like it. It shows its age more than just a little bit at time, but instead of annoying me it just makes the book seem all the more allegorical. Not so much that it is a product of it's time, which it once was, but it is now a product for all times. Its one of those things that has this sort of keen grasp on human culture, society, and empire. And how understanding all these aspects can show us how to break the cycle of expansion, war, decadance, and downfall. They are an astounding piece of work. I'm 3/4th through the last one and I am dragging my feet now because I'm not sure what I want to read next.

Video Games!: Christ. I quit WOW because it was sucking up my soul and giving me SO little reward for time invested. Jesus. Now I am playing city of heros again and everything is amazing. God that game is so much better in so many ways. I've also started playing Ar Tonelico 2 which is increadble. I didn't have the money to pick up the first one when it came out and I regret that still to this day. Its sequal though is a mightly impressive game and I look fowards to playing some more of it relatively soon. There is ALOT to say about it but I also find the plot genuinely unpredicatable and it is interesting. It takes tropes which I have grown to understand, and become annoyed by in japanese cinema and it very specificly deconstructs them in a series of psychological excercises where you dive into the depths of their mind and rummage around. It's really neat at times and kind of silly when I think about how well done it is. It isn't perfect, I'll go with an 80% on this one, but when you consider the fact that it is deconstructing basic japanese tropes while telling a story at the same time...well done. Well done.

Oh yeah and persona 4 is out. I'm going to trade in all my psp games and buy it today. Pretty much as soon as I am done writting this. I don't really have the money for it but I figgure 6 or so psp games should be enough so that it is only 20 bucks or so. I NEED it. I also need to beat Persona 3. But I am lazy.

Also Dwarf Fortress is awesome. I want to post pictures of my current fortress and I might do that soon much to all of your bordom.

Theory: So there is a new Friday the 13th looming on the horizon. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I got this idea a while ago for an extended essay. Basicly I take Friday the 13th as a franchise of movies and treat them all as one singular text instead of 11 diffrent texts. When I do this I think all sorts of really wierd themes and ideas, along with this increadbly wierd morallity all comes to light. For my foundational theory I was going to use Rene Girrad's Violence of the Sacred and analyze the idea of revenge and the problems associated with it in terms of the movies. I am going to suggest that the leap Rene makes from religion to the justice system may be correct mechanically. Erm for all of you that don't know. Girrad claims that revenge violence is one of those things that society is constructed to prevent because it can rip apart communies at its core. Don't beleive me go look up blood feuds and stop argueing. He claims that a lot of religious cermimonies, including sacrfice help prevent this cycle of revenge violence. He then argues that the emergence of the justice system has taken on this role, I still think he is correct however, our justice system doen't moralize the masses. So instead of putting the burden soley on the justice system I am going to split it between the justice system and movies because I think I am right. Friday the 13th presents an utterly perfect example of how all this works for the first movie, second movie, and Freddy vs Jason. The rest of it makes things interesting.

They are all downloading now, it occures to me that I haven't seen half of them. Well that's about to change now innut?

Comics Again:
Look what I found-

Phonogram: Rue Britannia-

Editorial Reviews

Product Description
Britannia is ten years dead. Phonomancer David Kohl hadn't spared his old patron a thought for almost as long... at which point his mind starts to unravel. Can he discover what's happened to the Mod-Goddess of Britpop while there's still something of himself left? Dark modern-fantasy in a world where music is magic, where a song can save your life or end it.

YEAH! It's in the mail along with some other extreamly rad books. That's the one I am most excited about though.

I'm also going to start collecting Y's the Last Man. I have no idea why I haven't done it already.

Sasha and I want to go to Azerbaijan she found and deserves all the credit for discovering how cool it is. I just fully agree with her.

Sasha found this which is just about the coolest thing ever

For thous of you who don't know Ceci n'est pas une pipe is one of my favorite paintings/ideas ever.

I want to do more calligraphy. AND THAT'S A WRAP!


UPDATE: YAY I turned in 6 psp games and found a used copy of persona 4 so I only ended up paying 4 bucks for it. I also pre-ordered the new Devil Summoner game:

It may or may not be soley for the plushie. Man I am a dork. AN AWESOME DORK!

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