Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swan Song

It occures to me that I don't know what swan song means. Okay well correction. I know that it means "the end of something" but I don't actually know how I get from that meaning to the phrase swan song. Wierd, I've never actually heard a swan make a sound let alone sing. Whatever none of that is important.

What is arguably important is that my PSP died. Unlike my Blue DS which has lived a long, epic fucking life, my psp sort of died an ignomouse fate when it fell less than a foot onto the soft ground while it was in a hard plastic case. Now it won't boot. Honestly? I can't really be bothered to get enough righteouse indignation to be mad at the whole thing. I mean when you just hold a psp you can feel how easy they are to break, they aren't paticularly sturdy at all. I'm slightly annoyed that it broke in such a stupid way, but really? What can you do? Yeah pretty much just shrug your shoulders and move on.

I dunno. I've had such an easy come, easy go additude twoards the stupid thing that...well I dunno. The only thing I'm disapointed in is the fact that there are two games coming out for it I dearly want to play. The new Prinny game which I played 5 minuts of and hugged, and FF Dissidia in english. Dissidia is fun but its flaws become readily apparent when the AI just blocks 12 of your attacks in a row then beats you to death. But oh well.

On tuesday I might go get it fixed but I really have no real desire to do so. I mean if it is some quick little thing that got knocked loose I'll plunk down the cash to get it fixed. Otherwise I am not all that interested in it.

IN other new that pisses me off I am never EVER pre odering anything from Barns and NOble ever a-fucking-gain.
SO yeah back around January 5th or so I preordered Batman RIP along with Gaurdians of the Galaxy. I am so excited about Batman RIP I can hardly hold it in. Man I love Grant MOrrison, I love Batman, and I love ultra trippy headfucks. It is the sort of thing I live for and lookit that I get all three things together in one omega awesome package for the love entry fee of 16 bucks. Hell yeah sighn me up. So I get an e-mail from them telling me about how my shit's been delayed. Then I get half my order but not Batman. I'm tempted to just go out and buy it, then return my copy of Batman that comes in the mail. You know what fuck it, I am doing that. Tomarrow. I'll show up late to roleplaying, it isn't like they can start without me. Yeah bastards.

So that's that.

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