Sunday, September 6, 2009


Woo so last night I had a pretty nasty migraine. Light started to suck, and all sorts of other things. Despite all of this I still managed to finnish my book "The Man Who Was Thursday". It was a neat book. I liked it. The thing about it though is that it was very victorian. Very very Victorian. Part of the way in I predicted the way the book was going to go. I knew that all the members of the secret anarchist council were going to be members of the philosphical police. I also knew that the man who recruited them was also the sinister head of the anarchist council Sunday, and lastly I also knew that when the ending of the book happened, depite all my accurate predictions, I would not understand Sunday's motives nor would I understand the imagry used at the end of the book.

I was right about that too. See that is the thing about victorian literature. Often times I find it to be dull and shockingly predicatable, even to the point where I can predict when it won't be dull or predicatble. However, it also can provide the most curiouse of thought puzzles to try and work through. I am happy with the book.

Now that I've slept on it, and meditated just a little bit I think I have a better handle on why the ending happened in the way that it did. I kind of want to write about it but at the moment my head is to filled with cotton to really get a handle on anything more complex than my desire to talk about stuff. Right now it feels like I am trying to jump start my brain with a nearly dead battery.

OH! So a lot of people have been talking about Glenn Beck. I don't have cable, and I don't watch Fox even if I did, so I have missed out on the Beckster for the most part. Last night though I decided that it was time I gave him a looksee. So I asked old Uncle youtube to show me a story. The first thing I saw by Beck was him talking about how the Fed was printing tons and tons of money with nothing to back it up, which he predicted would kill our dollar. It was an older video and he was right, the value of our dollar is going down, the rest of the world is looking to come up with a new standardized currency, and well he was right. Not only was he right but the clip I was watching was him going back and explaining why this was such a problem. See the day before he put up a chart, without really explaining it very well and when this came to his attension he went back and explained it better so his viewership would have a clearer understanding of the problem. Twords the end of the clip he did some gimmicky pot shots at some politicians but all in all it was a very sober affair.

Then I watched the start of another clip, Becky went out and found all these islamic extreamists groups hate propaganda and put it together in an hour long segment which I didn't watch. Before the segment started though he came out and said, "I am not a reporter. I am a conservitive, everything I am presenting to you is through this conservative prisim, I believe in order to have balanced broadcasting practices that you need to get highly opinionated viewpoints along with straight facts to get a full picture, I work in the media and I hadn't seen these clips until now. These are things that are not being shown to you". Neat. He came out stated his purpose and then showed off some hate speach.

Then I found some more modern clips. Bill Oriley calling Glenn Beck crazy being one of them, and the other is from Beck's radio broadcast where he starts making histerical shrieking sounds.

In all cases I looked at the youtube comments. Actually first I want to do the phone call video. The thing is that the person making the call is an idiot. See Beck was being rude and condensending to her, but you know what? She deserved it! Well not the shrieking part that was insane. But she was a stupid woman who clearly had little to know idea what she was talking about. Her whole argument was that in England you walk into a doctor's office and sign a form and that is all you need to do and that is the way it should be. Which is cool but it addresses exactly ZERO of the problems surrounding the health care debate.

Now I will do the Youtube comments. In every youtube comment ever

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