Monday, September 7, 2009


So when I sat down today to write this I was going to delete the previouse post and start it again. Writing a blog entry about anything while wrapped in the comfortless arms of a mind crushing migraine is a recipie for failure. That and I couldn't link to the youtube videos I needed to make the whole point about the Beckster make better sense cause I forgot that work blocks youtube.

I also don't feel like writting about the man who was thurday. This is mostly because I don't feel like going and doing the required reading from the book of genesis. That does make sense I promise. So I am here with a brandy new blog post, and I can't really justifying deleting an old one unless I replace it with something better. Like your mom. So bravely we forge ahead.

I want to write about Vampire the Eternal Struggle. I love this game. No seriously I fucking LOVE this game. Last night I fired up boondock saints and just puttered around with deck ideas for three hours. I love how elegant the game system is, how important making deals can be, the fine art of bullying, and how there is a deck type that will cause all players to put aside their other agendas just to beat that player into the god damned dirt. I love how when I tear open a booster I cheer when I get my 20th copy of a card because you need lots and lots of doubles in order to suceed at the game, I love how every card does 2 diffrent things, I love how combat can be raw and terrifying and yet not something at all related to actually winning the game. I love all of these things about it and more. And yet I have a hard time justifying buying more cards. This is partly due to the fact that I have very few people to play with. It is also compounded by the fact that there are complications when it comes to deck building. I can't build one amazing deck, because then the other players will just get run over. SO I need to build at least 3 amazing decks, and that's tuff. Well not tuff persay it just takes awhile. Especially since everything I am really drawn to is spread out over three sets. It would help if I could get someone into it just enough for them to buy their own cards, that would make my life 5 times easier. Oh well.

I have three decks I really really want to make.

1) An Assemite/Black Hand death deck. This would be a toolboxy/bruise bleed deck. The idea is lots of aggravated damage and focused attacks keep the battlefield more or less the way I like it. II would have enough intercept to make sure that my grand prey doesn't get to uppity, and I would use Fames both as a deterrent from pissing me off and as an offensive tactic. Straight wins would be slightly difficult with the deck but I think with a couple of decently capped Assemites, I could really terrorize the living hell out of the table.

Lucky me! I almost have the crypt assembled. I need a couple of more copies of a few vampires and once I get them I'll be off to the races. I am actually really excited because I love the idea of horrible insta pain damage.

2) A Nosferatu deck. I don't know what I want to do with this deck exactly. The neat thing about Nosferatu is that they can do all sorts of really terrible things to you. Their vampires seem to excist to be just plain old annoying, and they have the capability to be irritating in every aspect of gameplay ranging from combat to voting. The weird thing about them though is that they all have the ability to be balls to the wall combat monsters, on top of being made out of asshole. They are really weird and I am very much looking fowards to using them. It is just that I am not quuuuuiiiiittttteeee sure what sort of deck I should make around them. I could make all sorts of things really. I am thinking of making the vote deck from hell. Ventrue vote decks are way to polite for my tastes. They are certainly effective but they lack the sort of malicious intent that the nosferatu can bring to the table.

3) I want a deck that uses a lot of allies. I think it is going to end up being an African themed deck, I dunno I need to figgure out what is in some of the older african precons, and then work my way through until I can get lots and lots of allies. I'm thinking of a warewolf army because in the current expansion they are plentiful and fun. The other thing that is cool about the current expansion is that it is big on superstar vampires, which is a concept that I can seriously work with.

Ah well I gotta go back and pretend to work now. Adios!

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