Monday, September 21, 2009

Health Care Finale

So far I've written two posts about health care. Ultimatly though it is all going to come to the following conculsion. Sorry kids I am just not for it.

I tried. I really did try to be all excited about health care reform and everything becoming good and better. Hell I am one of the people whjo it would directly benifit. Still. At the end of the day I think we are better off with out it.

Well that's all on that topic.

So I just finnished reading this book...alright fine.

Here is the deal. Am I for cheaper more afordable healthcare for everyone? yep. Am I against socialism. Nope. Am I against the socialization of health care? Nope.

But I am against the socialization of health care in this country.

Let's look at Europe for a minut. After all this is mostly europe's fault. The bastards. The have health care that is fucking awesome for just about everyone so don't we?

First and most obviously, the one big elephant in the room that everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that every European country is a fuck of a lot smaller than Amercia. Hell you take Texas, California, and Florida and they will take up more landmass than most of the European countries. Well there is canada...yeah well Canada isn't exactly populated enough for it to work out. It maybe big but its population is small. We are just to damn big for a federal democracy to manage.

We don't have a nationalized health care system for the same reason why we don't have federal power companies, federal railway stations, federal road management, or a federal education system. This is because we DO have states, and it is simply easyer for each state to manage their own stuff like all of that rather than letting the federal government run amok with it. AMOK man that is a fun word.

The second reason, which ties into the first, is the relative weakness of our federal government. Lets take a look at china. China is a country that get's shit done. China has always been the country to get shit done. You look at some of the infastructure projects that they are undertaking? Fucking massive. Three gorges damn? Can be seen from space. Our railroad system? Built by them. China has managed to strike that golden balance between dictatorship and insanity. They currently aren't out to take over the world which is neat cause I am pretty sure they would win. However, they are able to get all these things done because the government goes to thier house and tells them to do things or die. Yeah our government can force us to move for a road or something like that but they always have to offer compensation and all sorts of other crap. China it really is do or die. Which is pretty impressive.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this are the European countries. Now this is going to be brief because I don't know a whole hell of a lot about European government. What I do know is that the European government has a lot more authority to enact change than our federal government does. In fact I would liken their powers to the power wielded by our state governments. Weee!

Now here is our country. We essentially have two governments. We have each individual state government which can function on its own, and we have a federal government which allocates funds and tries to make all the states play nice at the same time and honeslty that is all it can do. We saw the weakness of our federal government when it came to Katrina. Federal troops were mobilzed and ready to go pretty much at the drop of the hat. It didn't have to be near the disaster that it was. However, the state wouldn't let them in. It is just that simple.

Having a national healthcare plan really does circumvent 90% of the reason we have states. We aren't China. We can't make people do things by pointing a gun at them and telling them to go. Mostly because those American's who haven't forgotten the second amendment are all armed. Part of the reason why that shit is there. By having states the federal government can concern itself with the bigger picture, while states deal with their own individual stuff which all varies on a state by state basis. Removing all the moral, fear based arguments from all of this, it isn't wrong so much as it is massivly impractical. States are a tool use them.

There is also the problem of change. I mean which happens when the healthcare bill needs adjusting? We are going to have to go through this shit every 5 years? God no. If we don't though the whole thing will collapse in on itself.

So yeah no federalized health care. It just isn't a good idea for this country and it goes against some of its fundamental design structures. So what would I do instead? Yeah really smart people just spent all this time trying to figgure this shit out so I don't know.

It it were up to me though I'd prolly scale it something like minimum wage. Have a certain bare minimum each state has to provide and then let each state make adjustments as nessisary depending on their individual needs. I think this could be a much better system than going everyone gets cheap insurance and someone else figgure it out.

Honestly my way might end up being the same thing in most cases. But at least a state can be more atentive to details than a federal government can... or something like that. Either way I am just a person who doesn't have the reasources to come up with a plan. But that is where I stand.

To be honest I haven't met many people who are FIRMLY for the healthcare changes which is interesting. Anyway the federal plan isn't going to work, republican's are jumping ship, and that means if this does pass it will be a miricle at this point. I'm interested either way.

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