Monday, September 28, 2009

Poor Ballin Palin

There is a porno called "Who is Ballin Pallin" it is god damned hilariouse. The actress looks a lot like her too it is kinda uncanny. Anyway yeah Pallin she's stepped down from office, she has become the laughing stock of politics, and historicly she has become the political equivalent of a cum rag. And you know what? That's a fucking shame.

Here is why. It goes back to the Bush/Kerry election. God what a miserable puddle of shit that was. I mean Bush's reputation was in the crapper, there was an ocean of dissent surrounding the man, and the democratic parties canidate was SO pathetic that he caused people to rally to Bush because having him as a president would just simply be nightmareish. INCREDIBLE. That was definatly the sadest moment in political history as far as the democrats go. The saddest being the most recent presidencial race. Quick everyone how do you instantly win either black or woman voters. Have a black or woman canidate. Not a black woman though that is just to far out there. Plain and simple. What the democrats did is they went for the low blow. Fortunatly for them both Obama and Hilary are both extensively qualified candidates. It doesn't belie the fact that they went for the belt this past election because loosing to a retard is just pathetic.

So McCain tries to play silly buggers by throwing all that back in our faces, and from literally nowhere he scoops of Mrs. Palin. See while Obama and Clinton both were very qualified people Palin is not. She is still new to the political game and blah blah blah. We know all this already.

See it was smart to snatch her up. I mean Palin is new and her position isn't exactly one of power. She is mostly there to help drumb up votes, solve ties, and take over should McCain die, which might happen sooner than latter so it is a damn good thing her didn't get elected. She is young, attractive, devoted to her family, and she definetly represents that down to earth frontier like ideal that lots of Americans still hold in their hearts. She didn't work though. I'm not entirely sure why. I think people were still to confused, to angry over the last Bush administratio. Then Ron Paul wipped the country up into a protorevolutionary frenzy, then Obama road that frenzy to victory. Palin was to little to late.

See the sad thing is that given time she would of had a nice, long, rich, political career. I doubt she would of done anything outstanding. But she would of served her state well. Instead she stepped down.

Her stepping down could of been a brilliant move. She could of called out McCain on how her was just using her to get woman's votes, she could of called out Obama on any number of things, and she could of called out to the regular people. See I think she really captured the imagination of the regular people. She could of called out to them and told them that there is more to doing change, and making a world a better place than being a law maker. She could of told them how. She could say that she isn't stepping down so much as she is rejoining them and together they could help put their country back on the right track and keep it there.

Instead she made a muddled sport's metaphor was mocked for it and told to leave the lime light disgraced. Her's is a sad story really. Politics at its worse.

Oh well.

We can change human nature. We just need to not be lazy gits about it.

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