Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fuck you Mom and Dad

I am no longer 16. So doing the whole blame the parents thing is no longer cute. It wasn't cute at 16 either, but you know what I mean. At least I had people around who kinda understood.

Still though, there is some points and times where we as a society or at least as a group of people need to stand up and say, "You, yes you, you did a shitty job raising you kid."

Specifically I am talking about Scurvy.

Scurvy, for thous of you who don't know is, a severe lack of vitmen C. Your gums go to shit and your teeth start to come loose, along with spots on the skin. ONE LIME A MONTH can prevent scurvy. Maybe a little more than that but not much. It is something you get when you are severely malnourished.

There was a case of Scurvy at UWF. See what had happened was. This kid's parents decided he didn't need a meal plan they could just send him 200 bucks every other week and make it work out. Now see eating off of 100 bucks a week isn't bad. Not bad at all, it requires a little bit of budgetting and not shopping at publix but it is easily doable. Instead this kid went to Sam's club and bought lots of ramen, tons of energy drinks, and pocketed the rest of the cash. A couple of months of this and the kid came down with scurvy.

Now here is where the story should end. BUT no. His parents get involved. The run though housing waving torches and pitchforks claiming neglegence on the part of the school. The school who was responciple for a crippled girl getting raped no to long ago due to actual neglagence bent over backwards instead of doing what they should of done.

Lets face it folks. This kid was 18 years old. At this point he is a fully functioning adult both physically and leagally. This kid can sign a lease, get a job, move, and do all sorts of awesome adult things, cause this kid is an adult! When the health center asked about his diet his reason for not eating any fruit or vegtables was that, "he just didn't like them".

At this point someone needs to sit down and explain to those parents that their kid is an idiot. A tumbling tumbling idiot and they did a terrible job preparing him for the real world. Did I fuck up? Yes I did. I most certainly did. Oh god no paragon of perfection here. But that is the thing I FUCKED UP. I was able to correct my mistakes because I knew better, because despite all the shit thouse assholes who raised me fucked up they did teach me about consiquences, and that I should live in such a way that I should never expect any one else to help me, and some other thing I can't quite put down at the moment. This kid couldn't be bothered to eat a piece of fruit.

So yeah his mistakes became everyones and the stuff incoming freshmen have to do when they get to collage now is relatively insane. Yet we have people running around that school who have no buisness being there. People who needed a few more years in the oven before being unleashed upon the world. These are the people who make us afraid to advertise anime club. Sad but true.

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