Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ecconimics, insurance, and health

The rising cost of health care...

Lets stop there. A lot of people talk about the rising cost of health care but no one really talks about why the health care costs are rising. Or for that matter why they are so fucking high in the first place. See there is a huge elephant in the room that everyone knows about to one degree or another but no one seems to want to adress directly.

That is health insurance. They have seriously fucked things up.

Huh wuh? Why? Okay wow I am much shorter on time than I though. TURBO MODE.

Doctors are allowed to fix prices that are in no way related to anyone's income or are even appropriate to the treatment being given. Lets take an x-ray for example. You bring your pet to a vet x-ray may cost something like 70 bucks. They used to have x-ray machines in shoe stores for acurate measurement of your feet. Then we learned about radiation and many people died. Still it happened. So there IS NO REASON to charge 500 bucks for an x-ray. None.

Why can they? Simple. You have health insurance? Sure you do! The prices of any and all medical expensies can be fixed to an insurance companies income not your own. So doctors can charged, 50/100 bucks to just give you a check up when they are doing the equivalent of giving you an oil change.

As a result doctors can get away with their extensive vacations, price gouging, and bankers hours. Doctors have it easy in our country. FAR to easy, and it is the insurance companies that make it possible.

This isn't a direct result of evil by the way. It is just how things work in capitalism. Items are priced twords the incomes of people buying the product. Ergo, who pays for medical expenses? Well 90% of the time it is the insurance companies. So the price is set thusly. This is wrong though. It is also dangerouse.

Everyone is worried about death panels now? Fuck insurance companies have been doing it for years. Wake up and look around.

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