Monday, November 9, 2009

Filling of the Sausage Reprise

SO! It is funny how quickly things work out sometimes. Last time I did a filling of the sausage blog I was writting about how I wanted a game to play when Arkham was either to much to put up or break down, or just to prevent Arkham burn out. Last Night on Earth was presented to me and I gotta say it is a pretty fun game, however not my style. I do have plans for my Christmas bonus, I really want comic books though so we'll see I guess.

Anyway the game I discovered is called Arcane Legions. Yeah I know, I cringe just a little bit every time I type that in because it is a pretty stupid name but we'll work through that. The premise is that the year is 36 BC or something close to that. Marc Anthony and Cleopatra are fighting with Rome and I don't remeber how the Han dynasty fits in (Chinese) but it does. What do you want I am a little foggy on history. Anyway all that stops mattering when the night of mists happen and mythological beasts begin roaming the land and magic becomes a thing that happens now. It is a miniature war game on a pretty grand scale, and it brings the right combination of ease and cool factor to the table.

For example the romans have a calvery unit that is on bears. BEARS! People mounted on BEARS! That is made of exciting. The Egypitians have undead folks and who doesn't love the undead! Serial killers that's who. Oh yeah and the Chinese have all sorts of awesome things. I love chinese mythology so I am good to go.

The game is dead easy to teach and it looks to be incredibly friendly to new wargamers. It also has some of the best interpretation mounted archers I have ever seen in my entire life. This is because you are allowed to move, then shoot, then move again, along with other variety of orders. Also you are allowed to shoot into hand to hand combat which is fantastic. So you can use calvery units to anchor an enemy unit in place then use your horse archers to run up and do the pin cushion thing. Essentially this is a game that has been desighned by people who really know how to make a war game enjoyable and I can't bloody wait to start playing. Oh heh yeah the price is something that simply can not be beaten.

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