Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Filling the Sausage

That reminds how much I love the musical Le Misrables. It also reminds me that some day, hopefully sooner than later I want to preform a lap dance to Music of the Night. It will involve a blind fold and I think I it would be supremely excellent.

In other news baby laptop can't run Civ4, /sad panda. I kinda knew it couldn't well ahead of time but I couldn't remember if civ 4 required a graphics card or not. Still it will run Alpha Centuri and when it is all said and done that is a better game anyway.

This is going to be a post where I signifigantly geek out. OH Tonight I should post my total novel word count on Twitter, then keep up with things like that because it is fun and it is something I am doing and blah blah blah. Its sad because I am not very happy with it at the moment. I mean it is alright. But I am waaaaaay out of practice writing fiction and it shows. I'm also meandering WAY to much with the story. I like books that meander though so everyone else can go fuck themselves. On friday which is my first and only day off this week I plan on going back and plumping out a few scenes. This isn't editing them so much as it is adding stuff to them to make them more relavent. Also I need to add a few things to variouse scenes to make them match up with what I have planned later, and what I want to write in the first Livejournal entry tonight.

A new game. I want a new game. Here is the thing. I LOVE Arkham horror. I modereratly love Munchkin, and Illuminati is something I love so hard that all I have left is a moderate love for Munchkin. The problem is that while switching back and forth between Arkham and Illuminati is great I fear burnout. So I've been looking for a new game to play, it needs to be 4+ players and it needs to be neat, optimumly it also needs a quick pickup breakdown time. Red Dragon Inn Fits this bill nicely and it can be easily brief cased up, however it is pretty expensive when you consider the actual components you are getting. There is also VTES, which is a collectable card game. However, now that I found a site that sells really cheap singles I should be able to get 6-8 decks up and running quickly and easily. This will be great because the game is best played with 5 people and now I'll have a good combonation of variety and usability. What really frusterates me is that there are a bunch of card games coming out that are close to what I am trying to do with Vampire but they are all resolutly two players which is just plain annoying.

Lastly I want to get into Warmatchine. I love the minatures, the setting is okay, and the rules seem fun. The problem? In the first edition of the rules they had all these really cool Mech things which they called Warjacks because calling them mechs violates copywrite laws. The game promises that it would be full of epic jack on jack combat, and lets be clear the jack on jack combat is pretty epic. The problem? The most effective armies don't really use Jacks. So fuck that game. Times are changing though. Plastic kits are coming out, and the rules are shifting more twords jack on jack combat again. So WIN! I'll take another look into the game for sure. If not I think I will settle for just making an investment in Monsterpocalypse.

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