Saturday, November 28, 2009

I like lists


I remeber in sport's night Dan I think said, "What is it with women and lists, a woman is never so happy when they are making a list" I like making lists sometimes. It helps me focus on the things I want to be doing. Right now I am drawing my novel to a close. I'm excited, and as I know I've said twice now there will be an know what list starts now.

Things I feel like doing:

Blog topics:

1) Part two of the worker thing I don't even remeber what part two was going to be about. That's okay though I'll figgure it out when I read the post. OH yeah its from the actual workers perspective and working up, instead of the all our bosses are dicks and lack of noblese obliage.

2) The fed thing. In fact as soon as I do my novel blog, I am doing that one. Actually, I might do it first. The fed thing really bothers me. Fed suicide thing specifically

3) In the current issue of time there is an article about over parenting. Granted its written by Nacy Gibbs and she is retarded. But I am sure there is going to be a topic in there somewhere.

Video Games:

1) I wanna play more Dungeon Fighters. That game is awesome

2) I need to figgure out what I am going to be doing about city of heros. Right now, I don't play it enough to justify the cost and I am not sure I am going to be any time soon. Once going Rouge comes out I am still not sure if I am going to be. So if I am still not playing regularly by the end of the month then buh bye.

3) I want to play through Balder's Gate. I spontaneously downloaded it last night and I think I want to do it. I might end up playing planscape torment though. It came on the same torrent and it will run easily on the baby laptop.


Arcane Legions!: Yeah mother fucker demoing that game has been an epic success!. So I need to get an egyptian army together and prepare myself for laying the epic smack down on people that they so rightfully deserve.

VTES: I have 2 decks where I want them, and once people learn to play I have 4 decks that will be just fine. I have one deck that will be amazing someday just because the concept is so damn cool. Assemites black hand beatdown deck. In Febuary a new big expansion comes out so I'll be getting the starters from that. That should make up for the dude torredor starter. After that I think we'll be good to go and I'll try it again.

Big Projects:

Post Modern Pornography Project: I think I am going to wait until January before I start working on it proper. Start it in January maybe wrap it up in time for valentines day. That would be pretty cool. Last year I wrote Sasha some zombie porn, and the time before that I made her 24 or so cards, so doing something geeky in the opposite direction might be nice. I don't want it to be just for her though, this is for everyone. I dunno I'll figgure it out. I need to do some seriouse reading before I'll be ready. Two chapters from Lacan (shudder), a good chunck of 1000 Plateaus, Precession of the Simulacrum, and maybe some other stuff. I figgure I'll start boning up on my reading now, so I can get lots of theoretical ideas in my head before I watch the porn proper. There will be a HILARIOUSE where I watch thread when that happens I a garentee.

RPGS: Since Sasha/Mike visitation is terminated for the near visable future (fuck I am so MAD about that you don't understand) I guess I should start getting back into the whole roleplaying thing. I'm going to start gathering up some sla industries one shots. I have one half written from October here on baby laptop. So I'll get like 5 or so whipped up and run them whenever. If it turns into a weekly thing so be it.

I kinda want to do the evil D&D thing a few more times. I am excited by it generally and it is something I've wanted to do for awhile now. I think it could be AMAZINGLY fun, but I would really have to delve into the rules and get solid on a lot of stuff. There is a huge difference between running it and playing it. I dunno.

Also paranoia is always one of those things that everyone wants to play now.

Alright back to the grind house for me!

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