Sunday, November 29, 2009

Job's Done

If you've played either Warcraft 2 or 3 then you know exactly how that sound in my head. I kinda want to play that game now. I always liked building large armies and just sort of throwing them places. There never really was very much stradigy involved in thous games for me. Just action.

But yeah so I finnished my novel. How about that. Earlyer in the month I was complaining about how this is a terrible month to be doing stuff like this, I mean major family holiday, major shopping day, school midterms, it is just in the middle of everything. Then again though? I think that's all part of it. To me the point of the whole thing is to literally set aside the time and to write. At the end of the day who really gives a fuck if it is easy. It being easy isn't the point. Of course on top of all of that I have had the worst bouts of insomnia that I have had in a very very long time. There were days where I was so tired I could bearly function and I would litterally write, pass out, wake up 45 minuts later and then keep going. This used to happen to me a lot in high school and I must say its return is rather unwelcome. The power nap thing would be accompanied by unable to sleep later, and increadbly lethargic mornings. Still I managed it. I managed it with us being short at work for two fucking weeks and and all the sudden my cut hours turned into very long grueling hours, I also did it despite taking three days off for nerd invasion.

Still with an imuntable schedual of 2000 words a day minimum I manged to finnish the thing by November 28th. I would of been done on the 27th but I wanted to stop and reflect upon the ending to try and make it something very special to me. I did too! With the actual ending that is. The epilouge needs to be rewritten. I might get to it someday. That's the thing though. I have a novel now!

Well kinda. It needs editing. LOTS of editing. There were days where I was bearly consiouse while writting, there were days where I didn't know what was going to happen next so I just had things happen, and there are at least two things that were supposed to happen that didn't. Since it is largely about suicide loose ends are THEMEATIC! not just loose ends, but still both of the missing scenes are really important and should be there because I think they will make the ending make more sense.

One is where Link and the cowboy hang out for a little bit and bond, and the other is where Link goes and comforts bitchface.

About the names, yeah that whole thing totally started as a joke, but then more and more it made sense to me. Everyone from his past gets a name, and no one from the prescent does. It is something I could write a paper on. Which is one of the nicest things I've ever said to myself.

I'm not sure what else to say about it all. It was hard. One of the harder things I've ever done. I don't feel proud of myself very often but this is definatly one of the time where I do. I'm a little sad that I have no one directly to share my triumph with. That is a little bit of a bummer. I was so excited when I finnished it and then I realized that it is three in the morning and no one was around. That kinda crapped on my parade a little bit.

To be fair though I did set out on this thing on my own. By the time Lior tried to give my helpful advice I was to far ahead of what has been posted for him to be of any help. Most of my friends didn't even ask what it was about until it was over halfway finnished. And Sasha's life has been partially upheaved so she's been very busy with that. The silver lining to all of this though is that I did all of this with little support and almost no encouragement what so ever. That's good! I don't take either well but it is one of those things I feared I need other people for. I do need other people for the editing process, but that isn't a bridge I intend on crossing any time soon. As of right now I am taking a couple of weeks off. I'll do a little fun reading, some blogging, play some video games. Then I'll start on the next thing, flush with the knowlage that I can do things like this if I just put my mind to it.

Isn't that something. I kinda want to print the whole thing out and stick it to my wall.

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