Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Game of Thrones Card game!

I was going to fiddle with my Game of Thrones Greyjoy deck for a bit but I decided to hold off for a bit and do some writing instead. I do this for no paticular reason other than the fact that I have a wide variety of things to say and only a half hour to say them in. Also I got bar-b-q sauce all over the table and I don't want to get my cards dirty.
Since I am on the subject, I want to make a Greyjoy?Maegister deck. I think that the potential for rediculousness is high and that a lot of fun can be had with the combination. As it stands now my Greyjoy deck is pretty scary but that is more due to my plot deck than my actual deck. My plot deck is capable of getting a charecter I need out of the deck, stagnating the board for two turns while I run rampant all over the place, and then shutting down the other players ability to hurt me before I bring it on home with Rise of the Kraken. Rise of the Kraken can pretty much gaurentee me 4 power. It can get my 8 power if I have Assult of the Kraken which allows me a second power attack, another 2 power if I have superior claim lying around, and 2-4 power from military and intrigue challenges. My most recent game allowed me to gain over 8 power in one turn which was terrifying. It was a pretty close game too, the next turn would of seen a board wipe and that would of been close to game. So in general I am really liking my Greyjoy deck and while I want to very much make a Maegister deck I am thinking I am going to pick up the packs with all the raiders in them instead. The raiders have intimidate for the most part and that will make things interesting. I am also considering running one of two Agendas, one is that I only get power through military attacks and the other allows me to make two power attacks a turn while taking away my ability to do intruigue challanges.

Both choices appeal to me for different reasons. The power one is nice because I wouldn't have to change to much in my current deck. I'd get a couple of more raiders with their intimidate and just run people over with one or two charecters at a time, especially if Wex is out then there just isn't anything the other person can do about anything.

The military option is a little different. First of all I'd have to radically alter my plot deck because of Rise of the Kraken would be useless. Actually... it would still get me the same power wouldn't it? Still its usefulness is greatly curtailed. The raiders would still stay and I would most certainly get this one card that has 8 power and lets you discard 8 cards from the top of every player's deck. That is a nasty card. There is also a card that just lets me cap a charecter if I win a challange.

Anyway off I go

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