Sunday, October 16, 2011

Onwards and Upwards

I started reading Ready Player One last night, the book is fantasic and it kind of makes me want to punch Game of Thrones in the face. I could of been reading this the whole time. Now I liked the first book but the second book started to piss me off. First of all there was what happened to Stannis, or rather what might of happened to Stannis. The fact is that we don't know. One page Kings Landing is under attack, Tyrion is being a bad ass, and fun things are happening all over, and then it just ends litterally with no rhyme. Like the army just stopped and everyone just shrugged their shoulders and went, "who gives a fuck Stannis is prolly dead hooray" This is the centeral conflict of the novel and its resolution happened off screen which is pretty fucking annoying.

Then there is Rob. What is Rob doing? Who knows! Apparently Rob is a tired of his annoying psychotic mother who is annoying and psychotic. However, UNLIKE the reader we can't leave Catelyn behind so we keep having to read her complain about how war is happening WHEN SHE STARTED IT. Every time they try to portray her as a sympathetic character I want to punch the writer in the face. I mean seriously her son who is off doing more interesting things left her behind because she is annoying so why can't we leave her behind too.

Then there is the fall of Winterfell due to the Dreadfort betrayal. Who cares. Like literally who cares. It is Winterfell the closest thing to it is THE WALL. It is a podunk castle town in the middle of nowhere with no real resources or stratigic value. Hell even Asha wondered what the hell Theon was doing there because there was no reason to hold it or use it. I don't even know why the Dreadfort people want it but I also don't care. It is so far removed from the Iron Throne and the main action of the book that what happens there really doesn't matter. The big deal behind it is that Rob is going to have to come home. So basically almost 200 pages of the second book got taken up so that in the third book a charecter who has been running around off screen has to come home. But he will still be off screen cause who the hell knows where Bran is going.

So most of the book is about nothing. Notice I haven't complained Daenaries. This is because her chapters were fun and interesting. She did things and they were neat. Her chapters were colorful and fun. John Snow also spent most book in the middle of nowhere and hey his stuff was interesting. But Bran and Catelyn were just these massive lode stones that did nothing to progress anything. They basically sat around while things happened around them progressing nothing, and being near nothing.

I enjoyed the second book and I plan on finishing the series but I am not happy with most of the book's structure. Also now that I am reading Ready Player One and Murakami has written a new book I might end up revsing that statement after awhile. We'll see.

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