Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let the Newness Begin!

So I had a very hard time sleeping last night and now I am very very tired. In fact I've had a hard time sleeping all week. So I am getting just a little bit more and more out of it. Today has a risk of being a total failure, but I think I am loading tonight so it might work out. Who knows we will see when Sasha gets here.

Work is getting to be pretty grand.

So what to write about? LORD OF THE RINGS!

Huzzah! I touched upon it briefly but I think I want to talk about it a little bit more. One of the major things I realized the last time we played together is that card draw is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. The big thing I've realized is that your resource production is fixed. You will pretty much never earn more than three resources a turn unless you pull out the Steward of Gondor or the neutral mage that helps you pay for animals. Other than that alternative sources of resource generation, more or less, don't exist. This is actually a huge deal which I have under estimated time and time again. Cards that cost two or three resources seem and feel cheap but they actually cost a fortune. In order to put out the 5 cost unique eagle you need to essentially not play any tactics cards for 2.5 turns. That is a long time to not play cards in this game and while the 5 cost eagle is worth every penny I got to say that we need some better way of getting him there.

This brings me back to the power of card draw. During our three player game we had lots of more resources to work with which is what helped make Carrock all the easier. The big thing though was the fact that the third player had a lot of card draw in his deck, including a hero you could exhaust to get yourself a new card and lots of second breakfasts. These helped to keep our hands flush with options helping to make sure we get our better cards into play.

The next chapter pack is coming in the mail tomarowish which is exciting to me. I'll be getting myself some more eagles which will make the neutral eagle based mage from the last pack a little bit more useful. Eagles themselves are kinda expensive but they are also amazing so I guess that balances out. Also there is something cool about having a deck full of eagles. As a result it looks like I will be tearing apart my decks and rebuilding them up again. One of the main problems I am having with the deck building is that green makes for a TERRIBLE off color. Most of their cards are very expensive, their best allies are unique, and they are so very very vital. The three main box set green heroes all have stats that range from amazing to absoluetly amazing and they all have exhaust abilities which you always want to use but you can't because you are to busy using their stats and what not for questing or what have you. Oh yeah and they all have a threat level of 2 billion or something rediculous like that.

I am thinking of just biting the bullet and making a tactics/leadership deck. That deck would be able to absolutly murderface anything it came across. Meanwhile the lore/spirt deck could do all the nessisary questy things. Best of all is that the green heroes have a good enough defense that they should be able to hold their own until I can save them. I know I want it to be a tactics heavy deck because leadership has cheap easy to use cards but for the spirit/lore deck I am uncertain. I am thinking Lore heavy and I'll just rely on gandalf more to keep threat down than the couple of lore cards.

Looks like I'll do the sorting tonight while I am half asleep. Okay back to work.

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