Saturday, October 8, 2011

This instead!

So I was planning on mucking about with my Greyjoy deck today after I finnished my lunch but having failed to do any writing yesterday I feel that today is the day to get some of it done. And so here I am. Hooray! It is unfortunate how an awkward start can throw off your whole day. I woke up with my head pounding. I mean it was some bloody murder. Part sinus, part migraine, all mean. I had planned to go out to thrift stores, get my oil changed, and then do some writing at books a million. I even made sure I needed to go out by not buying any food on thursday. However, as I drove down to publix I quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen. Even after some excedrine and some caffeine I was still not quite myself. So I decided to sit in books a million for a bit. If I felt better I could write, and while I was waiting to feel better I could read.

I'll do the comic book roundup some other time though, tomorrow mayhaps. Today I am kinda drifting around inside my head with no real plans.

I helped build three different streets in glitch, and I got to say that is a helluva lot of fun. It is almost enough to make me consider moving out of Grottle Medows and closer to unexplored territories. Almost. THe problem with that is that I am so close to everything I need where I live. I can easily gather gas, spices, bubbles, barnacles, all types of rocks, and eggs. Moving means I am going to give up, at the minimum gas, spices, and barnacles and I am not sure if I am cool with that. Though once I learn teleportation i am sure the whole thing will start to solve itself.

On Thursday I realized that the golden age of gaming had come to an end for me and that's sad. It used to be that we gamed on thursday, then we could meet at tyson's house to game some other day of the week, and on a third day corey and I could play something. Now we still have thursday, but now we have to play at Jame's house which is far out of the way for everyone. Travonta's house is potentially open to us but he neighbors pretty much make it a deal breaker. Tyson didn't care about his neighbors. And that is that.

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