Monday, October 3, 2011

Now 300

I was midway though my 300th post on friday when I realized that I wanted what I was doing to be good and I did not have the materials ready to make it good. Essentially I was writing about the difficulty in engaging people in relavent discourse I was using the Tea Party as a frame and internet comments as an example. I had some good articles with some interesting comments but I lost them. So...nuts. I was trying get all the stuff together but it was taking to long and I was getting hungry and then... well that was the end of that. I had the draft but I ended up scrapping it. I'll write it someday only this time I will keep much better track of articles with comments that suit my needs.

The idea behind it is that people try to talk, but they don't really. They just spout their beliefs over and over again with no intention of being convinced or reasoned with. In fact the whole idea behind the tea party is a distinct lack of ambiguity. These are the facts and anything that contradicts the facts becomes meaningless. I can say that but providing some examples to show just how deep this sort of thing goes. They attack the world with an almost religious fervor. Sadly most of these people are lower middle, to middle class. This means that is actually takes quite a bit to affect them ecconmically whereas the poor have a much more difficult time absorbing economic fluctuations. So there is that.

Still these people need to be talked to. And just because it is hard doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done. I just need to figure out a way to do it.

In other news just as a laugh I decided to apply the outer church/politics stuff I've written to the idea of the tea party movement. It worked amazingly well, almost like they were made for each other. It also goes a long way to undoing some of the myth behind the media being a primary force of culture. Or rather, while the media is a factor, the people around us play a far greater role in how we interact with the world. In fact it is the people around us that help determine what media we consume not the other way around. The tea party makes for an excelent outer church and I plan on formally attacking this subject maybe on thursday or friday.

We tried to play fiasco on saturday but we just plain old got started to late which is a shame. We had a very promising setup that would more than likely go some interesting places. Oh well.

We did play some lord of the rings and I got to try out The Massing of Osgilath. We lasted two game turns. Jesus fuck. We did however beat Carrock, however for once the quest deck didn't do every single fucking thing in its power to destroy us. I mean seriously both of the decks I made are more than able to get through the first phase without us having 30+ threat. I dunno it never goes that well when there are just two of us playing. We always flip over two brownlands or something retarded like that.

I saw 50/50 which is pretty much the best movie of all time forever. See it or I will no longer see you.

And that is my life. I've never really lived a turbulent life, preferring solitude to drama, but maybe I could do with a little bit more action. A friend of mine started a blog recently, Hi Jessica! She made the announcement by saying, "If you wanna know what is happening in my life you can read this". It is strange because I've said the same thing to so many other people it felt weird having it said to me. Weird isn't bad. It actually caused me to laugh. Today thought it made me think. I got the depression. Not right now but it can happen pretty much at any moment. Actually, to be honest I am at a bit of a low but it is nothing really to get riled up about and it is on its way out or something like that.

I've been reading A Game of Thrones, I am mid way through the second book and I plan on getting further in it tonight, if only so I can find out why Tyrion's chain is all about.

But yeah. I am not in a relationship. I don't even have any prospects for relationship status. This isn't me crying or going, "boohoo Imma so lonely". Nope. In fact I have made zero effort in trying to rectify that situation. But you know not a whole lot goes on in my life. I am looking fowards to the frantic fun times of national novel writing month. I am looking forwards to thursday. I like hanging out with my friends. I do it often enough so that happy but not often that I feel choked...

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