Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Know What? Never Mind

So originally this was going to be a blog post about the palistine & isralie conflict. But I have a head ache! So I don't feel like doing something complicated and hard. So instead I am going to go talk about all the little things.

Little thing 1: It is almost november! Well okay specifically it is a month away from november. November is a slightly big deal because it is national novel writing month. YAY! I plan on participating. I was participating last year too and I was moving a long at a pretty decent clip when all the sudden my palm pilot lost a huge chunk of my novel. That sucked. It sucked hard. It is actually the reason why I am sitting there typing this out on my baby laptop now instead of the palm pilot. It was nice for just utterly pointless text generation but it had zero abilities to edit, or format. It also was just kinda a pain in the ass, and well occationally it would eat my writting like it did during last years NANO. So now that I have a baby lap top and will I am going to participate this year too. I am thinking of making a speperate blog for it. From now until then I plan on writting lots of neat little micro fiction, and some other things just to flex some of my more useful muscles. I might also do some rpg campain plot layouts just to get those muscles working again too. At any rate I am in a state of preparedness... and pain. Man those two things don't work out.

Little Thing 2: Fuck you .MKV format. Fuck you in your shit spewing mouth deep and hard. Seriously, throat rape. That is what you deserve. So what's teh problem? Well sometimes .mkv files won't render subtitles correctly so they get cut off at the edges. Seriously cut off though, at least 6-10 charecters, which is a decent amount of words. It is annoying to me and it makes some things unwatchable. The thing is that the files play perfectly on the computer, and it all looks okay in the preview is just during the actual burning process. So I am not sure what to do. I'll be turning to the forums sometime soon I am going to try converting to AMV first then doing it. I might also try breaking the mkv files into both a video file with a seperate subtitle file. Alternatly I could just buy the fucking animes in question. Gurren Lagan would be worth the money but Hare+Guu is not. So who knows.

Little Thing 3: There is this MMO I've been playing called Dungeon Fighter. It is fucking rad. Look there is a link! Essentially it is a side scrolling brawler in an mmo format. So far I really really like it. It is extrodinarly repetative but there is just somehting about side scrolling brawlers that make me really happy. Not only that but this game seems to under stand what it is that makes side scrolling brawlers a fuck of a lot of fun. Now if only they would get off their asses and start banning all the gold farmers and what not we can ger things underway! The thing about the game though is that people come at with a complealty wrong sense of scale. I mean seriously, you long on clear a couple of dungeons, maybe pvp a lil bit, then go do something else. It isn't really something you play for hours on end. Oh well whatever I like it.

Little Thing 4: I don't usually write about my personal life here very much. But when I went to go visit Sasha this last couple of days she got thrown out of her house and I had to spend all sorts of time helping her move and such. It was sad and slightly stressful bu we got it all taken care of. There is something to be said about our problem solving abilities. That something definatly involves staying out of our way because heaven help you if we unite against you.

Little Thing 5: Well never mind lunch is just about over. Scribblenauts rocks, I haven't tried the new Kingdom Hearts, I want to play Victoria but there aren't enough hours in the day and I am addicted to dungeon fighters, and I am trying to get Gurren Lagan to burn right.

Little Thing 6: No seriously go see Gurren Lagan.

Little Thing 7: Dear Hellsing. Seriously? Are you dragonball fucking Z? Stop waxing poetic and mother fucking get on with it. Ultimate Hellsing my overly pasty white ass needs a kissing.

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